Transportation between Denver International Airport and Fort Collins

We will describe ways to get from the airport to the University Park Holiday  Inn on W. Prospect. There are two possibilities:


The shuttle that runs between DIA and Fort Collins is

Shamrock Airport Express
(970) 482-0505

We highly recommend calling to get a reservation and specific directions on how to meet the shuttle.

To get the shuttle at DIA: from the main terminal at DIA, go out Door 504 on the west side of the main terminal. Cross over to Island 4 and then walk right a few feet.

In Fort Collins, the shuttle makes three regular stops. The closest stop to campus  and the hotel is the University Holiday Inn stop.   You can also request to be delivered at an address of your choice. The cost for a regular stop is $21 and the cost for being delivered to a specific address is $5 more.

The shuttles take approximately 2 hours. Note that the shuttle serves two other towns besides Fort Collins and makes stops at these places before getting to Fort Collins.


Driving to Fort Collins from DIA involves driving west towards the mountains and north, keeping the mountains on the left. Fort Collins is located off the I25 interstate highway that runs North and South parallel to the mountains.

The following driving instructions are designed to avoid traffic problems that occur near Denver. After leaving the airport proper, you will be on a controlled access highway called Pena Boulevard. Shortly after leaving the airport, you will take the clearly-marked Tower Road exit. Head north on Tower road by turning right. Go several miles north to 104th Ave. and then turn left on 104th Ave. so that you are heading west. Then drive approximately 10 miles on 104th Ave. to the intersection with I25. Take the north-bound entrance to I25 to get to Fort Collins.

There are three exits for Fort Collins and you can take any of these. The most convenient exit is the Prospect Road exit, which is the second exit you encounter. (The first exit is for Harmony Road.) Taking the Prospect exit, driving west towards the mountains (which is a left turn onto Prospect). After approximately 5 miles, you will reach the intersection with College Avenue. Continue on Prospect, University Park Holiday Inn is half a mile further, on your left.