SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE
                                      Dieter Armbruster, Tempe, USA
                                      Fritz Busse, Bayreuth, Germany
                                      Stephane Fauve, Paris
                                      Michael Proctor, Cambridge
                                      Michel Rieutord, Toulouse
                                      Paul Roberts, UCLA, USA

The onset and dynamics of a magnetic field sustained by the motion of an
electrically conducting fluid (the dynamo problem), is typically one in
which a multidisciplinary expertise is very important in order to solve
even the most basic questions. The aim of the workshop is to facilitate
interaction and discussions among three major research areas related to
the dynamo problem:

1) large scale simulations

2) nonlinear dynamics - bifurcations, chaos and spatio-temporal data analysis

3) laboratory scale experiments.

A major goal of the workshop is to relate theoretical developments in
astrophysics, MHD and dynamical systems theory to recent simulation
experiments and to the real experiments currently coming on line.