Time Schedule

  Monday (Experiments) Tuesday (Spherical and astrophysical dynamos) Wednesday (Direct and large scale simulations) Thursday (Dynamo as a dynamical system) Friday (Hydrodynamical instabilities) Saturday
9h00 S. Fauve F. Busse P. Roberts N. Weiss/E. Knobloch M. Brachet  
9h15 U. Mueller C. Nore Conclusions and perspectives
9h40 A. Tilgner D. Ivers P. Hejda E. Benevolenskaya C.A. Jones (informal discussion)
10h05 F. Daviaud G. Ruediger A. Bigazzi E. Covas J. Simkanin Conference end
10h30 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee  
11h00 C. Forest A. Soward F. Cattaneo J.M. Brooke Y. Ponty  
11h25 D.P. Lathrop A. Gabov R. Hollerbach M. Proctor I. Rogachevskii  
11h50 J-F Pinton A. Ruzmaikin K. Otmianowska-Mazur P. Matthews R. Kaiser  
12h15 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch  
15h00   Posters   Posters    
16h00 A. Gailitis A. Brandenburg FREE D. Armbruster/J. Oprea D. Hughes  
16h40 P. Frick K. Kuzanyan   A. Rucklidge N. Brummell  
17h05 Coffee Coffee   Coffee Coffee  
17h30 Round-table J. Kurths   R. Lauterbach H. Fuchs  
17h55 discussion K. Ferriere   I. Melbourne S. Starchenko  
18h20       N. Seehafer F. Petrelis  

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