NATO Advanced Research Workshop,
August 21 - 26, 2000 Cargese, Corsica

Dear Colleague,

In the name of the organizing comittee, I thank you for your interest in the workshop
"Dynamo and Dynamics, a Mathematical Challenge",
to be held in Cargese (France), August 21-26, 2000.  More than 50   scientists in  the
fields of Dynamo, MHD or dynamical systems, have answered positively. I also  have
the pleasure to inform you that NATO will   fund this   workshop   in the form of an
ARW (Advanced Research Workshop). This means that we   shall be able to provide
those of you who requested it with some  financial  support. The  amount  of support
will depend on the additional sources of   funding that we have applied   for. We  will
keep you informed but we are quite confident that your needs will be   covered. If  on
the other hand you can get a partial or total support from other sources,    please  tell
me, so that more colleagues who need financial aid can get it.

The next point is that NATO requests that conference proceedings  be published after
the workshop   ASI Nato   series,   Kluwer   publ.). We shall    give   you the relevant
informations in a further letter. In order to help   us planning the conference we need
the following informations, if possible before January 15, 2000 but not later than
February 15:

                1) Your precise address, phone and fax numbers.
                2) Tentative title of talk and abstract (max. one page). You can use
                    standard latex format, or the MS Word text editor   (please send it in
                    MIME format).

In order to plan housing I will also need the following informations. You will be asked
in a third letter to confirm these tentative choices.

                3) Do you plan to come with accompanying persons (how many)?
                4) Housing: Please indicate your tentative choice:
                            A) a single room in the village (about 200 FF/night);
                            B) a double room to be shared with another participant (~ 150 FF/night)
                            C) a hotel room (from 300 to 500 FF)
                            D) an appartment for a couple or a family (from 300 to 450 FF/night)
                            E) camping on the Institute's field (20 FF/night).
5) Do you need an official letter of invitation?

We shall later provide you with relevant informations about traveling to Cargese
and with list of participants and the program of the workshop. You can also have a
look at the web site of the workshop:
and at the web site of the Institute (with photos of the conference center and of the village):

Thank you and sincerely,

Pascal Chossat
Institut Non Lineaire de Nice
1361, route des lucioles, 06560
Sophia-Antipolis, France
fax 33 (0)
email chossat@inln.cnrs.fr

Iuliana Oprea
University of Bucarest, Romania and
Colorado State University, US