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Some people have been requesting material
from old lectures of mine -- so here it is.
You are welcome to use it if you are taking or teaching
one of these courses, as you deem fit
(I would appreciate an email note, however).
If you are taking one of these courses with me, be warned
that old material is not necessarily compatible with
my current syllabus -- proceed at your own risk.

For portability and readability most material is given in PDF format.
(You can download the free Acrobat Reader software here.)


MATH567 Abstract Algebra 2, SP2014
MATH360 (Cryptography), FA2013
MATH601 (Classical Groups), Fa2012
MATH602 (Tableaux), Sp2013
MATH666 (Representation Theory) Fa 2003,05,07, Sp 12, FA 15
MATH667 (Commutative Algebra) SP16
M676 (Computational Group Theory), Sp 2006,10
M301 (Combinatorics), Fa2009
M366 (Abstract Algebra), Fa 2002/Sp 2003,08/Fa2009.
M467 (Advanced Algebra II), Sp 2009
M192 (First Year Seminar), Fa 2008
M466 (Advance Algebra I), Fa 2008
M567 (Algebra II), Sp 2007.
M502 (Combinatorics II), Sp 2007.
M501 (Combinatorics), Fa 2006.
M369 (Linear Algebra) Fa 2004, Sp 2005, Sp 2006
M400C (Number Theory), Sp 2002/Sp 2004.
M667 (Commutative Algebra) Fa 2003.
M676 (Computer Algebra), Sp 2003.
GS510, Fa 2002.
M567, Sp 2002.
M566, Fa 2001, Fort Collins.
M572, Wi 2001, Columbus.
M571, Sp 2001, Columbus.
M366, Sp 2000, Columbus.
CS3001, Au 1998, St Andrews.
GAP 4 Course, 1998, St Andrews.
Unusual Disclaimer:

Though I lived for a while in St Andrews this page has nothing to do with another old course.

Alexander Hulpke (hulpke@math.colostate.edu)