Will you be in your Senior Year in Fall 05?

Are you considering graduate school in Mathematics?

Will you be taking the Mathematics GRE in the fall or spring?

Then this course is for you:

Course Announcement

M495-2: Preparation for the Mathematics GRE
Fall 2005, MW 10-10.50, E202


This course is about the Mathematics GRE. It is not about the mathematics portion of the general GRE.

What is it:

The course is one credit and will run twice a week for part of the semester. (I expect to run until mid-November, skipping days that are already loaded with midterms for seniors.)

We will be reviewing the Material for the Math GRE (which is mainly material that has been covered in the 300- and 400-level mathematics courses) and make sure to cover anything that is missing or forgotten. The concrete topics will be chosen depending on the actual enrolled audience.

Depending on audience interest we also will be reviewing more generally material that graduate school may assume you will know.




Participitation, Homework


For any questions, contact Alexander Hulpke, hulpke@math.colostate.edu, 4914288, WB217.

Alexander Hulpke 2005-08-12