Links for GS 510


Probably the best search engine. (Linux based)
NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML

Unix and its Tools

Unix introduction (Edinburgh)
UNIX is a four letter word
Introduction to UNIX and VI
VI Quick Reference
First Steps in VI
About VI
VI tutorial
Introductions to LaTeX
A page full of useful links to introductions to the most frequently used scientific text processing system.


GOOGLE: C Tutorials
GOOGLE: Java Tutorials
GOOGLE: Fortran Tutorials
PERL Documentation

Scientific Computation

Computational Science Education project
A textbook and software links.
Scientific Computing FAQ
Large Link list
Numerical Recipes
Collection of numerical methods (Opinions vary), includes PDF files of the book.
SUN numerical computation guide
SUN performance library documentation (includes LAPACK)
Large library of numerical software
Library of linear algebra routines
Mathematical Software Links
Network-enabled optimization system at Argonne National Lab
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures


TOP 500 Supercomputers
List of the current top machines with statistics.
Overview of Recent Supercomputers
History of Supercomputing
PC Hardware Overview


Using and Porting the GNU Compiler Collection
Documentation for the GNU gcc compiler (version 2.95)
Intel Icc compiler
Documentation for Linux
C Compiler guide
for the SUN c compiler. Includes explanation of options.

Parallel Programming

MPI Books and Tutorials
MPI Example Codes
Designing and Building Parallel Programs
The MPI Resource Center


Colorado State University Academic Computing and Networking Services
High Performance Computing and Communications Home Page
Supercomputing '96 History Exhibit
National Information Infrastructure
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
San Diego Supercomputer Center

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