Some GAP Questions

Alexander Hulpke
This list contains questions about GAP and corresponding answers that were sent to the gap-forum or gap-trouble mail addresses and that I collected over time. Hopefully they will be useful to other users.

These files are taken almost verbatim from email questions received and answers sent out. I apologize for misprints introduced this way.

  1. Action on Bit lists
  2. Building matrices from blocks
  3. Constructing a Covering
  4. Contruction of a matrix group
  5. Constructing PGL as permutations and matrices
  6. Finding one maximal subgroup
  7. Cohomology of a crystal
  8. Expressing an element as word in Generators
  9. All conjugate Subgroups
  10. Subgroups of a large finitely presented group
  11. Classes for a character table

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