GAP for Education

This page contains material which will be of interest to instructors interested in incorporating use of computer algebra into abstract algebra courses. The development of this material has been supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0633333.



Note: Due to technical issues, inparticular with Windows, these are only older versions of GAP. For current versions of GAP (alas without the nice shell) go to


OSX Installer

Installer for Macintosh OSX (10.4, Tiger or 10.5 Leopard), Universal Binary. Includes GAP 4.4.12 and selected packages. (The installer is contained in a .zip file that needs to be unpacked first.)

Version of 2/27/09

Windows Installer

Installer for Windows XP or Vista (not tested on other versions). Includes GAP 4.4.12 and selected Packages.

Version of 1/2/09

Download the appropriate Installer and run it by clicking. You have the option (by selecting customization) to select or deselect packages to install. Almost all class use will not require any modification of the package selection. A detailled list of packages can be found on a spearate page.



Abstract Algebra in GAP
Instructor Manual for GAP, including possible handouts and homework problems. (LaTeX Source will be available upon request.)
Notes for a course in Computational Group Theory. (Spring 2010)
Alexander Hulpke (, April 26, 2017
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