Math 345: Differential Equations
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Matlab Files for Download

Slope fields and 2d phase portraits
download: right-click and save as file
(links in brackets are for Matlab 7.7)
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about the .jar files
An online slopefield tool:

Matlab Notes

N1 A Quick Introduction to Matlab (pdf) N5 Symbolic Computation in Matlab
N2 Basic Arithmetics and Array Operations N6 Polynomials in Matlab
N3 Script Files, Function Files and Inline Functions N7 Matrices and Vectors
N4 Function Plotting N8 Linear Systems of Algebraic Equations (pdf)

How to use Ti-83/89-calculators to compute RREF  (by Harrison Filas)


Mathworks (Producer of Matlab): You can search for "tutorials" on this site.

A helpful Matlab Introduction is available at,

and another comprehensive tutorial at this MTU site. You can also download and print the corresponding postscript file.