Math 345: Differential Equations  --  Fall 2012
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*Policy on Academic Honesty*: The University Policy on Academic Integrity (see CSU General Catalog) is enforced in this course. Misrepresenting someone else's work as your own (plagiarism) and possessing unauthorized reference information in any form that could be helpful while taking an exam are examples of cheating.
Instructor Solutions Manuals are not a permitted student resource! Submitting work from a Solutions Manual or an on-line homework web site as your own are examples of plagiarism. Students judged to have engaged in cheating may be assigned a reduced or failing grade for the assignment or the course and may be referred to the Office of Conflict Resolution & Student Conduct Services for additional disciplinary action.

Departmental Policies for Classes

Grading Policy for M345

The grades in this course will be based on two in-class exams, the final exam, and the homework.

The exam and homework scores are measured in percent (maximum=100%). A weighted average of the exam and homework scores gives your final score. The weights are as follows:

Homework: 25%
Two in-class Exams: 20% each
Final Exam: 35%

Please be aware that turning in homework is essential to pass: if you skip homeworks, you will need a score of at least 94% in each of the 3 exams to get a 'C'!

The grades are determined from the final score according to the following scale:

90% and higher:  A
80% and higher:  B
70% and higher:  C
60% and higher:  D
below 60%:  F