Clayton Shonkwiler

Math 469

Instructor: Dr. Clayton Shonkwiler
Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:00–1:50
Location: Weber 223
Office: Weber 206C
Office Hours: Wednesday 2:00–3:00 and Thursday 1:00–2:00
Email Address:
Text: Linear Algebra Done Right, by Sheldon Axler



The course provides a deeper dive into linear algebra, with an emphasis on abstract vector spaces, the general theory of linear transformations, and canonical forms. The goal is to develop a deep understanding of the structure of linear operators on finite-dimensional vector spaces.

Final Project Resources

LaTeX distributions:

  • Overleaf — Online collaborative TeX editor: no need to install anything!
  • TeX Live — Multiplatform TeX distribution
  • MacTeX — TeX Live distribution for Mac OS X; includes TeXShop, a very good editor/viewer
  • MiKTeX — Alternative Windows TeX distribution

LaTeX help:

  • LaTeX Symbols — Glossary of symbols that can be displayed in LaTeX
  • DeTeXify — Draw the symbol you want to enter; (hopefully!) get the code for it