Clayton Shonkwiler

Math 369

Instructor: Dr. Clayton Shonkwiler
Time: Tuesday, Thursday 12:30–1:45
Location: Engineering E104
Office: Weber 206C
Office Hours: Tuesday 2:00–3:00, Wednesday 11:00–12:00
Email Address:
Text: A First Course in Linear Algebra, by Ken Kuttler


Linear algebra is one of the most important and fundamental subjects in mathematics: virtually every area of mathematics relies on or extends the tools of linear algebra. Moreover, linear algebra provides the theoretical underpinnings for countless applications in scientific computation, engineering, and statistical models in the social sciences.

This course provides an introduction to the ideas and methods of linear algebra, which you will learn by understanding them geometrically, justifying them algebraically, and using them to solve problems in various disciplines. In addition, the course serves as an introduction to abstract reasoning and mathematical proof. It is a prerequisite for all advanced courses in mathematics and provides excellent preparation for graduate work in the natural sciences and quantitative social sciences.