Clayton Shonkwiler

Former Departments

Tables of Knot Invariants I Maintain

Mathematical Software I Use

  • KnotPlot — Self-described as “the World’s most elaborate knotting software”.
  • Magma — Computational algebra system.
  • Mathematica — Powerful symbolic and numerical computing environment.
  • plcurve — Ted Ashton, Jason Cantarella, Harrison Chapman, and Tom Eddy’s C library for handling polygonal space curves.
  • pyknotid — Python modules for identifying knots.
  • Regina — Software for low-dimensional topology.
  • SageMath — Free, open-source mathematics software system based on Python.
  • SnapPy — Python-based software for studying knots, links, and hyperbolic 3-manifolds.
  • stick-knot-gen — Tom Eddy’s Python scripts for generating and identifying random stick knots.
  • Wirt_Hm_Suite — Homomorphisms from knot groups to Coxeter groups.

Online Math Resources