M141 "Calculus in Management Science"  -  Spring  2006

Course Coordinator: Kelly Chappell

Section 1: 11:00 -   Mertens         Room: Clark A101
Section 2: 12:10 -   Rohrbacker    Room: Engineering 100
Section 3: 8:00 -    Karasa            Room: Clark A101

Help Sessions:

Each of the three instructors will hold office hours in a classroom. M141 students may attend the office hours of any of the instructors.

     About this course

Text:  Bittinger, Calculus, 8th ed.           --      A copy of the text is on Reserve in the library.

Graphing Calculator is recommended      --      TI-86, TI-83 (or the older TI-82) is a good choice.

     Syllabus of lectures

Exam dates       Picture ID must be shown at all Exams.

        Exam 1 - 15 February, Wednesday
        Exam 2 - 8 March, Wednesday
        Exam 3 - 12 April, Wednesday
        Exam 4 (Final Exam)  -  7:00 - 9:00 am Tuesday May 9 (see below for rooms)
Section 1 (Mertens) will take the exam in Clark A101. 

Section 2 (Rohrbacker) will take the exam in PLSC 101 (Plant Sciences 101).

Section 3 (Karasa) will take the exam in either Clark A101 or PLSC 101 (Plant Sciences 101) depending on last name. 

     General Exam rules


Doing regular homework is essential in this course.

For homework instructions, click here.

For selected homework problems, click here.


The course grade is based entirely on four one-hour Exams.  Exam 4 is given at final exam time.
For each student, the lowest-score Exam counts one-half as much as each of the other three Exams.
Thus the lowest exam score counts 1/7 of the grade, and the other three exam scores count 2/7 each.

Suppose your four exam scores have values A,B,C,D.
If D denotes your lowest exam score then your average will be determined by the formula:
Average = (2A + 2B + 2C + D)/7.

The Exams are graded by hand; work must be shown to get full credit; there are no multiple-choice questions.

<>The grading scheme is traditional; no plus-minus grades are given:
     90 - 100,   80 - 89,   70 - 79,   60 - 69,   0 - 59.

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Exam Information

What to study for Exam 1:
  List of Problems and Concepts for the First Exam