In order to get good grades on MATH 141 exams, you must be able to work calculus problems quickly and accurately.  Hence you need to invest quite a bit of your time into practice work on text problems.  And you need to do it on a regular basis --  several times every week.

You should keep up with the syllabus and the lectures.  Falling behind in a math course is a bad idea; last-minute cramming of new material is usually a hopeless enterprise.

If you find you are weak in algebra, you must quickly fix this problem early in the semester, either by reviewing the Appendix in the text, or working over your old algebra course materials, or both.

Each text section contains lots of problems at the end, and more problems are found at the end of each chapter. Look at the syllabus of lectures or homework page for appropriate and specific problems.

In addition to these selected problems, you are encouraged to work additional odd-numbered problems from the relevant text section.
Answers to the odd-numbered problems are given at the back of the book, starting on page A-1.

You should compare your own answers with the answers given in the book, and be sure to clear up any discrepancies.

Page updated on 15 August 2008.