About this course

What is MATH 141?
Our aim is to learn the concepts of calculus and attain competence in its basic techniques.  MATH141 is a traditional "short calculus" course -- trigonometry is not used, and examples and problems are selected mostly from business, economics, and life sciences, rather than physical sciences and engineering.  We can thus cover the basic concepts and techniques of calculus in one 3-hour course -- which is fine for many majors including business.
    (Please note, however, that majors in science or engineering, as well as graduate programs in many areas,  require more calculus -- either the course sequence MATH 160, MATH 161, MATH 261, or the sequence MATH 155, MATH 255.  Completing MATH 141 does not necessarily qualify you to enter into the middle of either of these sequences.   Thus if you are unsure about your major at this time, see your academic adviser immediately -- perhaps you should start with MATH 160 or MATH 155 instead of MATH 141.)

How hard is the course?
The course does require a definite commitment of time and effort.   But it is not very hard, provided you
        -- have the required command of algebra,
        -- keep up in class,
        -- do homework problems several times a week,
        -- clear up questions and difficulties as soon as they arise.
    Of course, some students find the course harder than others; that depends on previous experience and/or personal talent.  But serious grade trouble usually arises either from poor preparation in algebra, or else from falling behind.

Page last updated on 15 August 2008.