Workshop: Coding Theory and Geometry


The purpose of this meeting is to bring together people from Algebraic Geometry and Discrete Mathematics to learn about methods, theoretical results and algorithms in algebraic coding theory. The character of the meeting is informal, with several longer introductory talks aimed at a broader audience. There is room for shorter contributed talks. Participants are encouraged to engage in discussions.


August 5 and 6, 2010.


Room 202 in Weber Building. Department of Mathematics. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.


Anton Betten, Eun-Ju Cheon, both at the Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University, USA. Web site: Anton Betten

Speakers and Abstracts (modified August 3 2010):

  1. Hirotachi Abo, Department of Mathematics, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho
    Title: Monomial approach to study higher secant varieties of Grassmann varieties
  2. Jeff Achter, Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University, USA
    Title: Conjectures of Lang-Trotter type
  3. Abdullah AlAzemi, Department of Mathematics, Kuwait University, Kuwait
    Title: Classification of Triangle-Free $22_3$ Configurations
  4. Anton Betten, Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University, USA (organizer)
    Title: The Classification of $(42,6)_8$ Arcs
  5. Eun-Ju Cheon, Department of Mathematics, Gyeongsang National University, South Korea (organizer)
    Title The non-existence of Griesmer codes with parameters close to codes of Belov type
  6. Shawn Farnell, Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University, USA
    Title Artin-Schreier Curves
  7. Sunghyu Han, School of Liberal Arts, Korea University of Technology and Education, South Korea
    Title A note on MDS self-dual codes
  8. Masaaki Homma, Department of Mathematics, Kanagawa University, Japan
    Title: On the number of points of plane curves over a finite field with many points and Sziklai's conjecture
  9. Takao Kato, Yamaguchi University, Yamaguchi, Japan
    Title: Bielliptic Weierstrass points on curves of genus 5
  10. Seon Jeong Kim, Department of Mathematics, Gyeongsang National University, South Korea
    Title: The classification of plane curves meeting Sziklai's bound
  11. Amy Ksir (Naval Academy)
    Title: Automorphism groups of AG Codes
  12. Ali Pezeshki, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Colorado State University.
    Title: Golay complementary sequences, Heisenberg-Weyl groups, and applications
  13. Rachel Pries, Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University.
    Title: Automorphism groups of a family of maximal curves
  14. Cassie Williams, Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University, USA
    Title: Computing centralizer orders in GL$(2,Z/p^n)$

Participants (modified August 3 2010):

  1. Renzo Cavalieri (Colorado State University)
  2. Edwin Chong (Colorado State University)
  3. Jenya Kirshtein (University of Denver)
  4. Tim Penttila (Colorado State University)
  5. Kyle Pula (University of Denver)
  6. Shankar Ragi (Colorado State University)

Preliminary Timetable (modified August 2 2010):

Thursday August 5th:
Friday August 6th:


Registration to participate in the workshop is open. Due to the informal character, please contact one of the organizers by email if you wish to attend (lastname (at) math dot colostate dot edu). Sadly, we cannot provide financial aid in any way.


The closest major airport is Denver International Airport (DIA). Fort Collins is about 50 miles north. There is a shuttle bus from DIA to Fort Collins. The shuttle provides door to door service. The shuttle companies are: Super Shuttle Web site: Super Shuttle (formerly Shamrock) and Green Ride Web site: GreenRide. Fort Collins has plenty of hotels. The Best Western University Inn Web site: Best Western University Inn and the Hilton Web site: Hilton are closest to the University (walking distance).

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