MATH369 Linear Algebra, Spring 2008, Section 1


Introduction to Linear Algebra: linear equations, matrices, determinants, Euclidean space, dot product, abstract vector spaces, basis and Linear independence, linear maps, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, quadratic forms, applications.

General Information


Weeks 1-5: Linear Systems, Euclidean space, dot product, orthogonality, length and angle, linear dependence, matrices and linear maps.
Weeks 6-10: abstract vector spaces, determinants, orthogonality, Gram-Schmidt
Weeks 11-15: Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, applications.


Midterm 1: Wed, 2/20
Midterm 2: Wed, 4/2
Final: during Final's week May 12-16. The exact date can be found on the Registrar's website. It will not be published here.
If you have a conflict, you need to discuss the matter with the teacher well in advance.


Your final grade will be determined from a score of 500. The midterms count 100 each, the homework counts 100, and the final is valued at 200 points. You may decide to do a project worth 35 points. A project will include a written part and a short presentation. Topics are chosen in agreement with the teacher.


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