Sparse Array Management Utilities


This package provides classes to manage sparse arrays in which objects that are added retain their array position over their entire lifetime within the array (allowing them to be referenced by index), but the array can become sparse as objects are removed. The arrays track the lowest open position in the array and fill that position first when new elements are added. These arrays are intended to support efficient management of large numbers of objects (like points and vectors, for example), without doing non-essential copying or moving of data.

An array of objects that supports addition and deletion of objects, but will not change the index of a object once added. That is, deleting objects makes the array sparse, and adding new objects may fill in gaps left by deleting objects before appending to the end of the array. Storage is allocated in blocks of fixed size as needed to add objects.
An exception thrown by sparse arrays when invalid operations are attempted.
An iterator that will iterate over a sparse array's elements.
An interface for objects that need to be notified when the internal structure of a sparse array changes.

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