Video Microscopy Analysis


This package provides a filter set to support analysis of sets of images gathered through video fluorescence microscopy.

A class that supports creating a new filter tree (analysis), opening an existing filter tree, editing the tree and saving changes, and executing an open tree.
An enumeration of the data formats supported by the analysis package.
A filter that performs a diffusion analysis on a set of trajectories.
A filter that takes an image array and adjusts the brightness and contrast to equalize intensity values over the entire range.
A filter that identifies extrema (maxima or minima) in the input image sequence.
A filter to scan a directory for a set of MetaMorph image series, prompt the user to select a series from those available, load the series files, then prompt the user to designate subsequences of the available frames.
This filter relies on the LOCI Bio-Formats libraries to read MetaMorph files. To obtain these, download "loci_tools.jar" from the LOCI web site downloads page.
A filter that compensates for slight motions in the video content, potentially increasing the size of the frames to contain the shifted images.
A filter that generates QuickTime movies for each X series in an image array.
A filter that applies a Gaussian smoothing kernel to every image in an image array.
A filter that generates a set of trajectories from a set of maxima point arrays.
A filter that merges all z planes in an image array, producing a new image array that has 1 plane per time point.

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