Function Optimization


This package collects many one-off general utilities to simplify common functions or provide functionality missing in the JDK.

An exception that indicates the optimizer failed to converge.
An interface for classes that represent optimizable functions.
An optimizer based on the Nelder-Mead Simplex method to locate a local minimum in a function.
The computed value of an optimizable object, along with a flag indicating whether the parameters were in range or not.
A point in an N-dimensional space along with the value of a function at that point.
An interface for classes that represent functions that can be optimized over a region.
An optimizer that scans a region of solution space for local minima by partitioning the space, evaluating the function being minimized on grid points, and initializing a minimizer at each grid point that has a smaller value than all its neighbors.
A range of data values over which to search for minima. This represents an open box in R^n.

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