Font Management Utilities


This package provides tools to manage and view the installed fonts, and to use fonts from a bundle included in a JAR file.

Provides font management for a packaged set of fonts. This allows fonts to be bundled with an application, without dependence on a set of fonts being installed on a client machine.
A frame that displays a tabbed pane with one tab per bundled font. Within each tab are the font's glyphs in various sizes.
A simple application allowing the user to select a TrueType (.TTF) or Type-1 (.PFA/.PFB) font file then displaying a sample of that font's symbols.
A class to render some text.
A specification for a font that can be obtained from the BundledFontManager.
A panel that renders the glyphs of a font.
An application to render all glyphs for a font, and a specified point size. The glyph's numeric value is shown below each glyph.
An interface for viewers that have a scroll pane.

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