Color Management Utilities


This package provides management of colors by name, using the color names popularized under the X window system, and also provides classes to manage color gradients.

A listener interface for classes that wish to be notified when a user has made a selection from a color chooser.
A chooser window that presents a palate of colors for the user to select from. The dialog has the option of displaying color information, and may or may not show color names. The size of the color boxes can also be controlled.
A color generator that allows colors to be selected by name, using the X11 color naming scheme, taken from "rgb.txt" in the X11 distribution. Colors can also be specified in the hex format used in HTML, with 2 hex characters per component (e.g. FF0000=bright red, 007700=dark green, etc.).
A class that generates a sweep of color through a range of hues, and can convert a data value to a color given a value range.
A panel to display gradients with various parameters.
Class to load several matrix files, determines the entire range of values, and creates a single color gradient scale for all the images.
An image containing color swatches with optional color names, that maintains a bounding rectangle for each color and translates points to the color hit.

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