NAGlab: Numerical Algebraic Geometry Lab

NAGlab, Summer 2010 (Bates, Zeringue, Ihde, Hanson, Niemerg, left to right)

My students and I, together with colleagues such as Chris Peterson and Gene Allgower, run the NAGlab (Numerical Algebraic Geometry lab) at CSU. We meet every week or two as a group to discuss progress on our various projects, consider open problems, and have external speakers come in to give talks in a casual seminar setting.

If you have a polynomial system (or related problem) that you need solved, let us know and we'll see what we can do.



No current postdocs or positions available.


Dan Brake (from CSU (advised by Vakhtang Putkaradze), Spring 2013-Fall 2013) -- now a postdoc at Notre Dame ACMS.

David Eklund (from KTH, Spring 2012-Spring 2013) -- now working at Prover, Stockholm, Sweden.

Dung Nguyen (from Stanford, Fall 2011-Spring 2012) -- now working at Microsoft, Seattle, WA.

Graduate Students


Karleigh Cameron (CSU, MS/PhD, Math, 2016/2019ish).

Jesse Drendel (CSU, PhD, Math, 2018) (with P. Shipman).


Tim Hodges (CSU, PhD, Math, 2017).

Brent Davis (CSU, PhD, Math, 2017) (with C. Peterson).

Eric Hanson (CSU, PhD, Math, 2015). Now an instructor at TCU.

Steve Ihde (CSU, MS/PhD, Math, 2011/2015). Now with the State of Colorado.

Matt Niemerg (CSU, PhD, Math, 2014). Now a High Performce Computing postdoc with IBM (after postdocs at Simons in Berkeley, Tsinghua, and the Fields Institute).

Tim McCoy (CSU, MS, Math, 2009) (with C. Peterson). Now with SK hynix memory systems in Longmont, Colorado.

Undergraduate Students

Todd Arnold (Honors Thesis on modern impacts of Renaissance mathematics, 2017)

Nate Zbacnic (Research on software for moduli space computations, 2013-14)

Theresa Alanis (Honors Thesis on interpolation and fonts, 2012)

Amanda Zeringue (Research on heuristics for automating the choice of multihomogeneous structure, 2010-11)

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