Homepage for Math 451: Intro to Numerical Analysis 2

Time/place: MWF 12-12:50, Eng E206

Instructor: Dan Bates

Office hours: Wednesday, 1-2, Weber 120. I will set just this one formal office hour to leave some bandwidth for individual meetings. If you want/need to meet with me but cannot do Wednesday 1-2, please email me and we'll set up another meeting time.




HW 1, tentatively due February 17.

HW 2, tentatively due April 14.

Project specifications

Specifications (updated 2/13/17).

For in-class presentations, I will record notes throughout your talk and send you an email with comments soon after class. I would be happy to meet to discuss any ideas or concerns coming from my feedback. For your grade, it is subjective, but I will evaluate you on clarity, technical accuracy, and material choice, each on a 10-point scale for a maximum of 30 points. Do not stress heavily about the evaluation part of the feedback; the point of these talks is to gain experience with this skill (and to share technical information), not for me to grade you on a skill that I have never even tried to teach you! Do your best, and I am sure you will be fine.

The rubric for the poster will be similar, to be finalized later.

Latex example: .tex, .pdf, some figure in the sample paper.

Project ideas


Original work: