Here is the slideshow from Dad's service.

Pics of both Rachel and Luke!

NOTE: Rather than trying to support two webpages (one for each kid), we decided to go with one joint page. Click here for older pictures of Rachel.

More recent note: Sometime in 2012, we realized that we could post things much more simply on Facebook. Enjoy all these old pics; friend us if you want to see the new ones.

10/17/10 I: First pics of Luke

10/17/10 II: Mulch, Thomas, paint, swings

10/17/10 III: Hospital pics of Luke

10/17/10 IV: Rachel standing still, Luke coming home, first bath

10/17/10 V: What's behind me?, one month pic, first zoo trip

10/17/10 VI: Nice pics from Grandma and Grandpa (thanks!)

10/17/10 VII: Four scanned pics

(go down to 7/22 I and II if you want to stay in order, then come back here.)

1/17/11 I: Manhattan, Djursholm digs

1/17/11 II: Oslo, scuptures, palace

1/17/11 III: Opera house, Holmenkollen, train station

3/1/11 I: Djursholm, Gamla Stan, frogs

3/1/11 II: 4 years old!!, party, friends

3/1/11 III: sitting up, more scenery, solids!

3/1/11 IV: Vasa, pirates, 6 months!!

7/22/11 I: (out of order!) 2 months, Halloween, big fish!

7/22/11 II: (out of order!) 3 months, 4 months, Thanksgiving, Christmas

7/22/11 III: (back in order) Copenhagen, Cologne, Arch de la Defense

7/22/11 IV: Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame

7/22/11 V: Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, handball

7/22/11 VI: Sacre Coeur (still Paris), cafe, fatigue

7/22/11 VII: trains, Lyon, Amsterdam

7/22/11 VIII: public transportation, deer, 7 months

7/22/11 IX: rowboat, painting, Easter

7/22/11 X: 8 months, 9 months, Mother's Day

7/22/11 XI: 10 months, fun in Ohio, 4th of July

11/6/11 I: many firsts, Hawaii?, tractor

11/6/11 II: pool, bike, walking

11/6/11 III: 1 year!!, preschool, crossword

11/6/11 IV: 13 months, witch and Sith, leaves