Class notes for 2006/03/28

Here are a few links to things that we've talked about today.

Visualization programs

First, a few links to visualization programs (all of which deal.II supports if you just change the line data_out.write_gnuplot to something appropriate):
  1. GNUPLOT is what I always use in class, because it is so simple and fast to use. There is documentation here. GNUPLOT should also be installed on pretty much every Unix machine you ever come across.
  2. GMV is what I use for my own work, not because it is great but because its user interface us just as bad as that of all other programs and I have grown used to it. Documentation is here.
  3. OpenDX is probably the most powerful visualization program, but it is somewhat daunting to use it and has a steep learning curve. If you intend to do numerical analysis for a while to come, I'd recommend you spend a couple of days getting familiar with it. See this link for more


I see many of you still struggling with the Subversion repository software. If you have questions, you can always ask me, but if I'm not there for a moment, here's a whole book that you can read online.


Most of the documentation in deal.II is written in a format that is understandable to the documentation tool Doxygen. I encourage you to use this as well for the introduction and results sections of your own projects, although HTML or Latex are also acceptable.

If you want to look at what can be done with Doxygen, here is the Doxygen homepage. For more specific questions take a look at these links: