Class notes for 2006/01/19

Tasks for today: See if everyone could install correctly. Calclab accounts should now have subversion installed and disk quotas should have been increased to 1GB per account. This should be enough. The calclab machines are actually quite fast and should be sufficient for what we want to do in this class.

In the future, if you want to work on your project, you can log into the calclab machines also from the outside, without having to sit right in front of them. For this, first log into (this is the login server) and from there continue to ssh to one of the calclab desktop machines. A description of these machines is here: The fastest machines apparently are the ones in Blocker 130, which are apparently named bloc130-01 through bloc130-34.

Class topics for the rest of the hour

Go over how templates in C++ work, and how they are used in deal.II. For this, review this presentation.