Applied Math Seminar
Colorado State University

Fall 2016
Thursdays 1-2pm in Weber 223 (unless otherwise specified)
Organizers: David Aristoff

Date Speaker Title (Click on title for abstract, if available) Notes
Thursday Sept 8

Javier Arsuaga
UC Davis
Mathematical approaches to the problem of DNA packing in bacterial viruses
contact: Yongcheng Zhou
Thursday Sept 15

Brandon Runnels
UC Colorado Springs
Modeling grain boundaries in metals with optimal transportation theory, calculus of variations, and the phase field method
contact: Patrick Shipman
Thursday Sept 22

Donna Calhoun
Boise State University
Adaptive mesh refinement for solving PDEs on logically Cartesian mapped, multiblock quadtree domains

Thursday Sept 29

Zack Kilpatrick
CU Boulder
Stochastic neural dynamics of working memory

Friday Oct 7 at 1pm in Weber 201

Hong Wang
University of South Carolina
Fractional partial differential equations: modeling, numerical methods and mathematical analysis
note: unusual date and room!
contact: James Liu
Thursday Oct 13

Greg Lyng
University of Wyoming
Multidimensional Stability of Large-Amplitude Navier-Stokes Shocks

Thursday Oct 20

Ian Grooms
CU Boulder
Superparameterization and Data Assimilation

Thursday Oct 27

Brittany Fasy
Montana State University
Using TDA in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis

Friday Oct 28 at 12:45pm in Weber 201

Matthew Dobson
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Stability and Convergence for Nonequilibrium Langevin Dynamics
Note: unusual date and room!
Thursday Nov 3

Math Day (no seminar)

Thursday Nov 10

Karin Leiderman
Colorado School of Mines
Mathematical modeling of blood clot formation under flow

Thursday Nov 17

Myron Allen
University of Wyoming
The simplest mixture-theory derivation of Darcy’s law

Thursday Dec 1 postponed to Spring

Hakima Bessaih
University of Wyoming

Thursday Dec 8 at 2pm

Roman Riser
Holon Institute of Technology
Power Spectrum Analysis in Quantum Chaology
Note: unusual time