Henry Adams

Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523

For 2021-2022, I am a Visiting Professor at IST Austria (while on sabbatical).

My research interests are in topology, geometry, data analysis, machine learning, and sensor networks. More specific subfields of interest include applied topology, computational topology and geometry, metric geometry, and combinatorial topology. I am also very interested in teaching, online instruction, and how to make academia more welcoming, more open, more transparent, more accessible, and less intimidating.

I am a co-director of the Applied Algebraic Topology Research Network, which hosts a weekly Online Seminar. Recordings of our seminar are available at the AATRN YouTube Channel, which has over 365 videos, over 3,000 YouTube subscribers, and averages over 24 hours watched per day. I also maintain a personal YouTube Channel.

At Colorado State I co-organize the Topology Seminar, am a member of the Pattern Analysis Lab, am a former coach of the Putnam team, attend the Data Science Seminar, and am an affiliate faculty at the Data Science Research Institute.

I am an Associate Editor for the journal Foundations of Data Science.

I am a member of the Descriptors of Energy Landscapes Using Topological Data Analysis (DELTA) leadership team.

Email: henry dot adams at colostate dot edu
Office: Weber 120
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The above posters, for our Applied Algebraic Topology Research Network (AATRN) interview series, were created by the talented visual artist Kris Barz Mendonša.