Welcome to the 2008 Western Number Theory Conference home page.

42nd Western Number Theory Conference
Monday, December 15--Thursday, December 18, 2008
Department of Mathematics
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO

Last-minute logistics
A Christmas gathering hosted by the Lehmers has evolved into an annual number theory conference. Number theorists of all stripes are invited to attend -- and to contribute a talk.

We'll start with an opening banquet on Monday, December 15, at 7PM, at Bisettis. After dinner (about 8:30), conference participants will submit titles for their talks. These will then be assembled into a schedule for the next three days. If you can't attend the banquet and meeting, no problem; just email your title ahead of time to the conference organizer.

Talks (of 15 or 20 minutes) will run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with a half-day off on Wednesday afternoon. While you're welcome to stay as long as you like, you can probably leave Friday morning, or Thursday after 8pm, without missing any talks.

There will be problem sessions on Tuesday and Thursday after the talks, and a business meeting on Thursday afternoon. (On the agenda for the Thursday meeting is where to hold the conference in 2010 -- please consider hosting it!)

In keeping with the traditions of this meeting, prior registration is not absolutely necessary. However, if you could either send a brief email or fill out this PDF and send it to Jeff Achter, that would be very helpful for planning.

Registration for the conference is $50, and covers the costs of coffee breaks and facilities rentals. The opening banquet is an additional $25. Preregistration is mandatory if you're planning to attend the banquet.

Fort Collins is well-served by Denver International Airport, which is a hub for United Airlines and Frontier Airlines.

From DIA, you can rent a car and drive; it takes a little over an hour to drive to Fort Collins. Alternatively, you can take the Shamrock Shuttle; the hotels, university and downtown are all mutually walkable, so you won't need a car. More details are available from Colorado State University.

Please book a room as early as possible, since Colorado State's fall commencement is on Saturday, December 20.

The conference has negotiated rates at:

Many other housing options are available. The Hilton is a somewhat longer walk, but they can help you arrange local transportation.

Due to generous support from the National Security Agency and the Number Theory Foundation, we will be able to help cover the costs of some participants, especially graduate students and recent PhDs. Please fill out this PDF form, and return the paperwork and all relevant receipts to Jeff Achter by January 31. If you could estimate your anticipated funding request when you register for the conference, that would be most helpful.

Past conferences
Gerry Myerson has maintained lists of problems (and answers!) from past incarnations of this conference. Here are some schedules from recent meetings:
Questions and correspondence can be addressed to the lead conference organizer at
Jeff Achter
Department of Mathematics
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1874