When I'm not working, I like to climb. As a charter member both of Team Softbody and of GPNA, I have a solid record of talking big and occasionally, almost accidentally, actually climbing something.

I learned to climb in the Gunks, which means that I can climb anything as long as it's a thin face leading to a roof with huge buckets and then a big rest. Now that I'm climbing in Colorado, I'm looking forward to broadening my game.

This isn't really necessary, now that there's a Cannon Mountain (NH) guidebook back in print, but I once wrote a route description of the Whitney-Gilman route down for a friend. Better yet, see the Chauvin Guides' version of it.

Update I am now apparently a quotable expert on not getting up things. I worry this will jeopardize my chances of sponsorship, but I'll happily be proved wrong.

Poetry, etc.

In college, I wrote a rant on abuses of the word topology in literature. I still think I was right.

For some reason, the most popular part of earlier Web pages has been not my mathematics research, or even my lecture notes, but a couple of translations I wrote of some Old Irish poems. I don't understand this, but I'm not going to remove them, either. (If you're reading them, I'd love to hear about it...) Herewith: