Alumni of the Graduate Program

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Name Deg
Thesis/Dissertation Title
After Graduation
Summer 2018
Zachary Adams MS Alexander Hulpke The Group Extension Problem and its Resolution in Group Cohomology in the case of an Elementary Abelian Normal Subgroup
Javier Alvarez-Vizoso PhD Chris Peterson, Michael Kirby Covariance Integral Invariants of Embedded Riemannian Manifolds for Manifold Learning
Rashmi Murthy PhD Jennifer Mueller Bayesian Approach to the anisotropic EIT problem and effect of structural changes on reconstruction algorithm using 2-D D-Bar Algorithm Postdoc, University of Finland
Catherine Read MS Patrick Shipman Elevation Heterogeneity and the Spread of White-Nose Syndrome in Bats
PhD, Colorado State University
Nand Sharma PhD Renzo Cavalieri Intersections of psi classes on Hassett Spaces for genus 0
PhD, Colorado State University
Brady Tyburski MS James Wilson Asymptotic Enumeration of Matrix Groups
PhD, Colorado State University
Chad Waddington PhD Margaret Cheney Synthetic Aperture Source Localization
Air Force Research Lab
Spring 2018
Dean Bisogno MS Rachel Pries Abhyankar’s Inertia Conjecture for the Mathieu Group M_{11}
PhD, Colorado State University
Mark Blumstein PhD Jeanne Duflot A Geometric Formula for Degree of Equivariant Cohomology Rings
Postdoc, Colorado State University
Peter Christman MS

David Aristoff

An Introduction to Metastability and Parallel Replica Dynamics as Applied to Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes
PhD, Colorado State University
Zhuoran Wang MS

James Liu, Simon Tavener

Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods for the Darcy Equation
PhD, Colorado State University
Fall 2017
Wesley Galbraith MS Patrick Shipman, Mark Bradley On the Contribution of Phase Separation to Pattern Formation during Normal-Incidence Ion Bombardment of Binary Compounds
Joshua Mirth MS

Henry Adams

Metric Thickenings of Euclidean Submanifolds
PhD, Colorado State University
Summer 2017
Rebecca Cooper MS Rachel Pries Class Field Theory and Artin Reciprocity
PhD, Colorado State University
Brent Davis PhD

Dan Bates Chris Peterson

The numerical algebraic geometry approach to polynomial optimization
Instructor, Colorado State University
Tegan Emerson PhD

Michael Kirby Chris Peterson

A Geometric Data Analysis Approach to Dimension Reduction in Machine Learning and Data Mining in Medical and Biological Sensing
Naval Research Lab
Bahaudin Hashmi PhD

Patrick Shipman James Liu

Pattern Formation in Reaction Diffusion Systems and Ion Bombardment of Surfaces
Instructor, Texas State University, San Marcos
Gabriela Hernandez MS Mary Pilgrim First year graduate teaching assistants: fostering successful teaching PhD, Colorado State University
Josh Maglione PhD

James Wilson

On automorphism groups of p-groups
Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Kent State
Rachel Neville PhD

Patrick Shipman

Topological Techniques for Characterization of Patterns in Differential Equations
Hanno Rund Postdoc, University of Arizona
Spring 2017
George Borleske MS Yongcheng Zhou Modeling the Deformation of Proteins: From Coarse-Grained to Continuum
PhD, Colorado State University
Stephen Dauphin PhD Margaret Cheney General Model-Based Decomposition Framework for Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Images
Sandia National Laboratory
Tim Hodges PhD Dan Bates Avoiding Singularities During Homotopy Continuation
Software Engineer, ClearEdge 3D
Tim Marrinan PhD Michael Kirby Chris Peterson Grassmann, flag, and Schubert varieties in applications
Research Associate, Universität Paderborn
Fall 2016
Jianli Gu MS James Liu Mathematical Modeling of Groundwater Anomaly Detection
Software Engineer, Ajax Analytics, Inc.
Summer 2016
Robert Arn PhD Michael Kirby, Chris Peterson On the Formulation and Uses of SVD-based Generalized Curvatures Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman
Catalina Camacho MS Rachel Pries Algebraic curves of genus g=<4 PhD, Colorado State University
Jessica Gehrtz MS Rachel Pries Error Correcting Codes: Definitions, Types, and Sharing with Kids PhD, Colorado State University
Abigail Gentry MS Mary Pilgrim An Integrated Mathematics/Science Activity for Secondary Students: Development, Implementation, and Student Feedback Math Teacher, Eaton High School
Spring 2016
Melody Alsaker PhD Jennifer Mueller Computational Advancements in the D-bar Reconstruction Method for 2-D Electrical Impedance Tomography Tenure track assistant professor Gonzaga University
Fall 2015
Anne Ho PhD Rachel Pries Counting Artin-Schreier Curves Over Finite Fields Assistant Professor, Coastal Carolina University
Summer 2015
Mark Blumstein MS Jeanne Duflot Dimension and Multiplicity of Graded Rings and Modules PhD, Colorado State University
Sofya Chepushtanova PhD Michael Kirby Algorithms for Feature Selection and Pattern Recognition on Grassmann Manifolds Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science, Wilkes University
Benjamin Cooper PhD Tim Penttila Abstract Hyperovals, Partial Geometries, & Transitive Hyperovals.  
Eric Hanson PhD Dan Bates Algorithms in Numerical Algebraic Geometry and Applications Instructor, Texas Christian University
Steven Ihde PhD Dan Bates Preconditioning Polynomial Systems Using Macaulay Dual Spaces Analyst, State of Colorado
Michael Mikucki PhD Yongcheng Zhou Electromechanical and curvature driven molecular flows for lipid membranes Teaching Associate Professor, Colorado School of Mines
Douglas Ortego MS Renzo Cavalieri An explicit verification of the Open Crepant Resolution Conjecture PhD, Colorado State University
Farrah Sadre-Marandi PhD James Liu, Simon Tavener Mathematical Modeling for HIV-1 Viral Capsid Structure and Assembly Postdoc, Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI) The Ohio State University
Joan Toth MS Patrick Ingram Explicit Bounds for the Height of Periodic Points of Certain Families of H\'{e}non Maps
Spring 2015
Melissa Adkins PhD Yongcheng Zhou Modeling Local Pattern Formation on Membrane Surfaces using Non-local Interactions System Engineer Level 2, Northrop Grumman
Fall 2014
Sarah Frei MS Rachel Pries The a-number of hyperelliptic curves PhD, University of Oregon
Anthony Schwickerath PhD Michael Kirby, Chris Peterson Linear Models, Signal Detection, and the Grassmann Manifold R&D Scientist, Department of Defense
Summer 2014
David Allen MS Renzo Cavalieri "Oh, the Ramifications of Counting Covers! (in genus 0)" PhD, France
Jesse Drendel MS Dan Bates, Patrick Shipman Bifurcation of semialgebraic maps PhD, Colorado State University
Hilary Freese PhD Jeff Achter Abelian Surfaces with Real Multiplication over Finite Fields Ridgeview Classical Schools
Bahaudin Hashmi MS Patrick Shipman Modeling of Atmospherically Important Vapor-to-Particle Reactions PhD, Colorado State University
Jennifer Hughes PhD Alexander Hulpke, Chris Peterson Group Action on Neighborhood Complexes of Cayley Graphs lecturer position, Towson University
Elizabeth Lane-Harvard PhD Tim Penttila Strongly regular graphs from large arcs Tenure track Faculty, University of Central Oklahoma
Nathan Lindzey MS Tim Penttila Towards a General Theory of Erdős-Ko-Rado Combinatorics PhD, University of Waterloo
Eric Miles PhD Renzo Cavalieri Bridgeland Stability of Line Bundles on Surfaces Tenure track faculty, Colorado Mesa University
Francis Motta PhD Patrick Shipman Optimally Topologically Transitive Orbits, Complex Hadamard Matrices and Ion Bombardment Postdoc, Duke University
Silvia Osnaga PhD Michael Kirby, Chris Peterson Low Rank Representations of Matrices using Nuclear Norm Heuristics
Corrine Previte PhD Chris Peterson, Alexander Hulpke The D-Neighborhood Complex of Graphs Tenture track faculty, California State University, San Bernadino
Eric Schmidt PhD Jeff Achter Number-theoretic properties of the binomial distribution with applications in arithmetic geometry
Chuan Zhang PhD Gerhard Dangelmayr, Iuliana Oprea Storing Cycles in Hopfield-type Neural Networks Senior Systems Engineer, InfoSys Ltd
Spring 2014
Timothy Hodges MS Dan Bates Computing Syzygies of Homogeneous Polynomials With Linear Algebra PhD, Colorado State University
Rachel Neville MS Patrick Shipman Persistent Homology of the Logistic Map: An Exploration of Chaos PhD, Colorado State University
Matthew Niemerg PhD Dan Bates Gale Duality, Decoupling, Parameter Homotopies, and Monodromy Postdoc, Fields Institute
Fall 2013
Josh Maglione MS James Wilson Longer Nilpotent Series for Classical Unipotent Groups PhD, Colorado State University
Timothy Marrinan MS Michael Kirby The Flag of Best Fit as a Representative for a Collection of Linear Subspaces PhD, Colorado State University
Roberto Munoz-Alicea PhD James Liu, Simon Tavener HIV-1 Gag Trafficking and Assembly: Mathematical Models and Numerical Simulations Academic Support Coordinator, Colorado State University
Christpher Strickland PhD Gerhard Dangelmary. Patrick Shipman The Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Nonlocal Ecological Invasions and Savanna Population Dynamics University of North Carolina/SAMSI (Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute)
Summer 2013
Tegan Emerson MS Michael Kirby Automated Detection of Circulating Cells Using Low Level Features PhD, Colorado State University
Jennifer Maple PhD Iuliana Oprea, Gerhard Dangelmayr Steady State Hopf Mode Interaction in Anisotropic System
David Packard MS Patrick Shipman Frames in the Weierstrass-Enneper Representation of Surfaces Systems Engineer
Northrop Grumman
Dustin Ross PhD Renzo Cavalieri Open and Closed Gromov-Witten Theory of  Three-Dimensional Toric Calabi-Yau  Orbifolds
RTG Postdoctoral Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
Niketa Salvi PhD Patrick Shipman, Ayse Sahin Two-Step Coding Theorem In The Nearly Continuous Category
Industry in California
Bethany Springer PhD Patrick Shipman, Andres del Junco Nearly Continuous Kakutani Equivalence
Tenure track assistant professor of mathematics, Regis University, Denver
Lori Ziegelmeier PhD Michael Kirby, Chris Peterson Exploiting Geometry, Topology, and Optimization for Knowledge Discovery in Big Data
Tenure track faculty, Macalester College
Spring 2013
Luke Bayens PhD Tim Penttila Hyperovals, Laguerre planes and hemisystems -- an approach via symmetry Public Servant, Government of Western Australia
David Hopkins MS Michael Kirby A Computer Vision approach to Classification of Circulating Tumor Cells Research and Development, Total Benchmark Solution
Fall 2012
Robert Arn MS Michael Kirby, Chris Peterson Object and Action Detection Methods Using MOSSE Filters PhD, Colorado State University
Daniel Brake PhD Vakhtang Putkaradze, Anthony Maciejewski Homotopy Continuation Methods, Intrinsic Localized Modes, and Cooperative Robotic Workspace Postdoc, University of Notre Dame
Justin Marks PhD Chris Peterson, Michael Kirby Mean Variants on Matrix Manifolds Visiting Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University
Nicholas Rohrbacker PhD Michael Kirby Sparse Multivariate Analyses via L1 Regularized Optimization Problems Solved with Bregman Iterative Techniques
Summer 2012
Melody Dodd MS Vakhtang Putkaradze Automated methods for quantifying tortuosity of microvascular networks PhD, Colorado State University
Sarah Hamilton PhD Jennifer Mueller A Direct D-bar Reconstruction Algorithm for Complex Admittivities in $W^{2,\infty}(\Omega)$ for the 2-D EIT Problem Tenure track faculty, Marquette University
Anne Ho MS Rachel Pries Counting Artin-Schreier Curves Over Finite Fields PhD, Colorado State University
Ken Monks PhD Alexander Hulpke The Moebius Number of the Symmetric Group Faculty, Front Range Community College
Eric Nelson PhD Tim Penttila The Group of the Mondello BLT-sets Visiting Assistant Professor, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Ryan Price MS Jennifer Mueller Introduction to Computational Conductivity Tomography
Anthony Schwickerath MS Michael Kirby Anomaly Detection in Terrestrial Hyperspectral Video using Variants of the RX algorithm PhD, Colorado State University
Cassie Williams PhD Jeff Achter Conjugacy classes of matrix groups over local rings and an application to the enumeration of abelian varieties Assistant Professor, James Madison University
Yang Zou PhD Iuliana Oprea, Gerhard Dangelmayr Spatiotemporal Complexity in Ginzburg Landau Equations for Anisotropic Systems Quicken Loans
Spring 2012
Ryan Croke PhD Jennifer Mueller An investigation of the Novikov-Veselov equation: New traveling-wave solutions, a numerical solution, instability to transverse perturbations and implications to the inverse scattering transform Raytheon
Christine Herrera MS Paul Kennedy The investigation of the strategies that best prepare STEM majors to be successful in college level mathematics PhD, Texas State University
Michael Mikucki MS Simon Tavener Sensitivity Analysis of the Basic Reproduction Number and other Quantities for Infectious Disease Models PhD, Colorado State University
Francis Motta MS Patrick Shipman Patterns in Dynamics PhD, Colorado State University
Jaime Shinn MS Patrick Shipman Nucleation and Growth: Modeling the NH3-HCl Reaction Instructor, Gonzaga University
Melissa Swager MS Yongcheng Zhou Electrodiffusion on the Surface of Bilayer Membranes PhD, Colorado State University
Fall 2011
Hilary Smallwood MS Jeff Achter Endomorphisms of Abelian Varieties over Finite Fields and Characteristic Polynomials of Frobenius PhD, Colorado State University
Summer 2011
Nathaniel Burch PhD Don Estep Probabilistic Foundation of Nonlocal Diffusion and Formulation and Analysis for Elliptic Problems on Uncertain Domains SAMSI Postdoc, North Carolina State University
Steve Ihde MS Dan Bates Preconditioning Polynomial Systems for Homotopy Continuation Methods PhD, Colorado State University
William Newton PhD Don Estep A Posteriori Error Estimates for the Poisson Problem on Closed, Two-Dimensional Surfaces Postdoc, Colorado State University
Spring 2011
Steven Benoit PhD Vakhtang Putkaradze Analysis and modeling of cells, cell behavior, and helical biological molecules Postdoc, Colorado State University
Byungsoo Kim PhD Vakhtang Putkaradze Constrained Dynamics of rolling balls and moving atoms Postdoc, INRS-ETE
Elisabeth Malmskog PhD Rachel Pries Automorphisms of a Family of Maximal Curves Postdoc, Wesleyan
Fall 2010
Jennifer Hughes MS Alexander Hulpke O'Nan-Scott Theorem PhD, Colorado State University
Shawn Farnell PhD Rachel Pries Artin-Schreier Curves visiting Assistant Professor, Kenyon college
Eric Miles MS Renzo Cavalieri (An Introduction to) Derived Categories and Stability Conditions PhD, Colorado State University
Elin Smith PhD Chris Peterson Algorithms and Geometric Analysis of Data Sets that are Invariant Under a Group Action Assistant professor,
Kenyon College
Shelby Stanhope MS Jennifer Mueller Inverse Problems and Optimal Control for Laser Ablation of Tumors PhD, University of Pittsburgh
JaDon Whitfield PhD Jeanne Duflot A Simplicial Homotopy Group Model for K2 of a Ring visiting Assistant Professor, Hollins University
Summer 2010
Melissa Goss MS Paul Kennedy Implementing Cooperative Learning Problem Sessions into the Precalculus Program at Colorado State University PhD, University of Northern Colorado
Cayla McBee PhD Tim Penttila Some topics in combinatorial phylogenetics Assistant Professor, Providence College
Eric Miles MS Renzo Cavalieri (An Introduction to) Derived Categories and Stability Conditions PhD, Colorado State University
Travis Olson PhD Gerhard Dangelmayr Hopf Bifurcation in Anisotropic Reaction Diffusion Systems Posed in Large Rectangles Assistant Professor, Shenondoah University
Eric Schmidt MS Alexander Hulpke Some Aspects of Modular Forms PhD, Colorado State University
Ellen Ziliak PhD Alexander Hulpke Arithmetic in Group Extensions using a Partial Automaton Assistant Professor, Benedictine University
Spring 2010
Dumitrescu, Olivia PhD Rick Miranda Techniques in Interpolation Problems PostDoc, U.C. Davis, Krener Assistant Professor
James, Rodney PhD Rick Miranda Linear Systems and Riemann-Roch Theory on Graphs Assistant Research Professor, University of Colorado Denver
Lynn, Rebecca PhD Jeanne Duflot Multiplicities and Equivariant Cohomology Adjunct faculty, Friends University
Rutherford, Blake PhD Gerhard Dangelmayr Lagrangian mixing and transport in hurricanes PostDoc, Naval Postgraduate school
Fall 2009
Cordova, Natalia MS Michael Kirby Classification of EEG data Research Scientist at Princeton's Neuroscience Institute
Hampson, Christian PhD Jeff Achter Characteristics of Certain Families of Random Graphs Federal Government
Springer, Bethany MS Dan Rudolph Horocycles are Loosely Bernoulli PhD, Mathematics at CSU
Ziegelmeier, Lori MS Michael Kirby, Chris Peterson A colorful world: techniques for quantizing color space in natural imagery PhD, Mathematics at CSU
Summer 2009
Baker, Bradley MS Paul Kennedy Analyzing the Effectiveness of the Gateway Exam and Other Variables to Predict Success in Math Courses at Colorado State University MA, English at CSU
Butler, Troy PhD Don Estep Computational Measure Theoretic Approach to Inverse Sensitivity Analysis: Methods and Analysis PostDoc, Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences at the University of Texas, Austin
Buzby, Megan PhD Don Estep Short time analysis of deterministic ODE solutions and the expected value of a corresponding birth-death process Assistant Professor, University of Alaska, Southeast
Hamilton, Sarah MS Jennifer Mueller Simulation of Voltages on Electrodes for the 2-D EIT forward admittivity problem by the Continuum and Complete Electrode Models PhD, Mathematics at CSU
Holt, Eric PhD Dan Rudolph A Ratio Ergodic Theorem on Borel actions of Z^d and R^d Faculty at North Lake College
McCoy, Timothy MS Chris Peterson, Dan Bates Deducing Exactness From Inexactness: Recovering Ideal Generators From Approximations of Generic Points
PhD, Notre Dame
Von Herrmann, Alan PhD Jennifer Mueller Properties of the Reconstruction Algorithm and Associated Scattering Transform for Admittivities in the Plane Assistant Professor, Ardian College
Wilson, Brian MS Don Estep, Simon Tavener Adaptivity and Error Estimation Studies in ARIA and ENCORE
PhD, Mathematics at CSU
Spring 2009
Bikowski, Jutta PhD Jennifer Mueller Electrical Impedance Tomography Reconstructions in Two and Three Dimensions; Form Calderon to Direct Methods Research Center, Juelich, Germany
Brake, Daniel MS Vakhtang Putkaradze Simulation and Irreversiblilty in fluid suspended particle interactions PhD, Mathematics at CSU
Hudson, Andrew MS Tim Pentilla Translation planes of order q4 Front Range Community College
Krakow, Lucas MS Edwin Chong Sensor Resource Management via Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes PhD, ECE at CSU
Marks, Justin MS Chris Peterson, Michael Kirby Discriminative Canonical Correlations: An Offspring of Linear Discriminant Analysis PhD, Mathematics at CSU
Reinholz, Daniel MS Ken Klopfenstein An Analysis of Factors Affecting Student Success in MATH 160 Calculus for Physical Scientists I PhD, U.C. Berkley
Ross, Dustin MS Jeanne Duflot The Main Theorem of P.A. Smith PhD, Mathematics at CSU
Zou, Yang MS Iuliana Oprea, Colleen Webb Evolution of Quantitative Traits with Immigration PhD, Mathematics at CSU
Fall 2008
Frederick, Chris PhD Chris Peterson Persistence Homology of Sequences of Neighborhood Complexes for Graphs Instructor, Sierra College
Gjoci, Bukurie MS Jeanne Duflot Exploring Relations Among Symmetric Polynomials PhD, Economics at CSU
Jonsdottir, Soley PhD Alexander Hulpke Automorphism Towers of General Linear Groups Federal Government
Ladd, Josh PhD Patrick Burns Large-Scale Computational Analysis of National Animal Identification System Mock Data, Including Traceback and Trace Forward Associate R&D scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Nelson, Eric MS Tim Penttila Two-Intersection Sets with Respect to Hyperplanes in Projective Spaces PhD in Mathematics at CSU
Salvi, Niketa MS Dan Rudolpph Using full groups to make an orbit equivalence nearly continuous. PhD in Mathematics at CSU
Swannack, Ashley MS Jennifer Mueller 3-D Dental X-ray Imaging PhD in Mathematics at CSU
Williams, Cassandra MS Jeff Achter The Cycle Index of $GL(n,\mathbb F_q)$, its Generating Function, and Applications PhD in Mathematics at CSU
Summer 2008
Carbone, Cara MS James Liu Reaction-Diffusion Equations and Their Applications High School Mathematics Teacher, Grand Junction
Jamshidi, Arta PhD Michael Kirby Modeling Spatio-Temporal Systems with Skew Radial Basis Functions: Theory, Algorithms and Applications Postdoc - Imperial College, England
Johnson, Ashley MS Gerhard Dangelmayr Asynchronous Oscillations in an N-Patch Diffusively Coupled Predator-Prey Model High School Mathematics teacher, Spaulding Georgia
Lee, Sheldon PhD Don Estep An Adaptive Algorithm for an Elliptic Optimization Problem, and Stochastic-Deterministic Coupling: A Mathematical Framework Assistant Professor - Viterbo University
Spring 2008
Burch, Nathanial MS Don Estep Continuum Modeling of Stochastic Wireless Sensor Networks PhD at Colorado State University
Chang, Jen-Mei PhD Michael Kirby Classification on the Grassmannians: Theory and Applications Associate Professor - California State University, Long Beach
Keith Mertens PhD Vakhtang Putkardze Mathematical Methods for Fluid-Solid Interfaces: Meandering Streams and Sand Ripples Post Doc - University of North Carolina
Kenneth Monks MS Alexander Hulpke Mobius Numbers of Symmetric Groups PhD at Colorado State University
Yue Qiao PhD Michael Kirby Radial Basis Functions (RBFs) For Solving Color Conversion Problems IBM
Jenna Tague MS Jeff Achter p-adic Numbers and p-adic Elliptic Curves PhD at Colorado State University
Fall 2007
Emdad, Fatemeh PhD Michael Kirby Signal Fraction Analysis for Subspace processing of high dimensional data Postdoc - University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston
Holt, Eric MS Dan Rudolph An Approach to Extending the Hurewicz Ergodic Theorem to Two-sided Averages PhD at Colorado State University
Kim, Byungsoo MS Vakhtang Putkaradze Hamilton-Pontryagin principle in rattleback dynamics PhD at Colorado State University
Murphy, Ethan PhD Jennifer Mueller 2-D D-bar conductivity reconstructions on non-circular domains Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Research Assistant Professor
Newton, William MS Don Estep Adjoint Methods for Transient Sensitivity Analysis in Matrix Population Models PhD at Colorado State University
Summer 2007
Al-Azemi, Abdullah PhD Anton Betten Classification Algorithms For Graphs, Digraphs, And Linear Spaces Professor, Kuwait University
Barr, Rachelle MS Jiangguo Liu Tracking Characteristics on Three-Dimensional Unstructured Tetrahedral Meshes
Cali, Rachel MS Jiangguo Liu Locally Divergence-Free Polynomial Vector Fields and their Applications
Davis, Diane PhD Holger Kley Toward a type Bn geometric Littlewood-Richardson rule Assistant Professor, Metropolitan State University, Denver
Malmskog, Elisabeth MS Rachel Pries Hasse's Theorem and the Sato-Tate Conjecture: How many points lie on an elliptic curve over a finite field? PhD at Colorado State University
Muskat, Jeremy PhD Rachel Pries Algebraic Curves over Finite Fields Professor, Western State College, Gunnison
Peters, Pam PhD Jeanne Duflot Gaussian Maps for Double Covers of Smooth Toric Surfaces Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Platteville
Urquhart, Amanda MS Chris Peterson Matroids, Rank Polynomials, the Deletion/Contraction Algorithm, and Combinatorial Inveriants
Wildey, Tim PhD Don Estep, Simon Tavener A Posteriori Analysis of Operator Decomposition on Interface Problems PostDoc, University of Texas, Austin
Spring 2007
Alshamary, Bader PhD Anton Betten Two Topics in Combinatorial Optimization: The Domino Portrait Problem and the Maximum Clique Problem Professor, Kuwait University
Cruceanu, Stefan PhD Eugene Allgower, Simon Tavener Numerical Solutions of Nonlinear Systems Derived From Semilinear Elliptic EquationsResearcher, ISMMA (Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics) of ROMANIAN ACADEMY
McBee, Cayla MS Anton Betten Clique finding in graphs and the search for ovoids in polar spaces PhD at Colorado State University
Fall 2006
Farnell, Shawn MS Rachel Pries Introduction to Algebraic Curves in Coding Theory PhD at Colorado State University
Kull, Trent PhD Paul Duchateau Coefficient Recovery in Parabolic Initial Boundary Value Problems Professor, Winthrop University
Rohrbacker, Nicholas MS Chris Peterson The PSLQ Algorithm with Applications
Sandelin, Jeff PhD Don Estep Global Estimate and Control of Model, Numerical, and Parameter Error Post-Doc Colorado State University
Smith, Elin MS Chris Peterson Geometric Properties of Distributions of Points on Spheres PhD at Colorado State University
Summer 2006
Ames, Gregory MS Michael Kirby Scale based image analysis using the 2D Fourier Transform Ph.D. in Biology at Colorado State University
Brandon, Rebecca MS Aubrey Poore Successive shortest path algorithm for the assignment problem
Devanath, Sripriya PhD Ross McConnell Modular Decomposition of k-hypergraphs Synopsys
Maple, Jennifer MS Jennifer Mueller A finite difference approximation to the solution of a (2+1)-dimensional evolution equation PhD at Colorado State University
Oien, Janet MS Paul Kennedy Implementing an Online Precalculus Mastery Program at Colorado State University
Thayer, Autumn MS Jeanne Duflot Products in Group Cohomology: Two Examples
Willoughby, Laura MS Kelly Chappell The alignment of curriculum with Poudre Schools District standards: An analysis of two high school mathematics textbook series
Spring 2006
Scott-Janda, Elizabeth MS Robert Liebler Lenz-Barlotti I.4 Perspectivity Groups Are Abelian PhD at Colorado State University
Ziliak, Ellen MS Alexander Hulpke Polycyclic Generating Sets and Normal Form Words for Finite Permutation Groups PhD at Colorado State University
Fall 2005
Brinker, Jesse MS Rachel Pries Complex Multiplication and abelian extensions of Q(i) PhD at Colorado State University
Eastman, Sean PhD Don Estep Analysis and Application of the Nonlinear Power Method Armstong Atlantic State University
Hacioglu, Ilhan PhD Robert Liebler The integral structure of Hecke algebras for finite generalized polygons
Lynn, Rebecca MS Kelly Chappell Interaction between Item Arrangement and Gender on Student Performance on Calculus Examinations PhD at Colorado State University
Neckels, David PhD Don Estep Variational methods for Uncertainty Quantification Sandia National Laboratories
Summer 2005
Buzby, Megan MS Don Estep Quantitative sensitivity analysis of a vector-borne disease model using adjoint techniques PhD at Colorado State University
Jakubikova, Elena MS Jennifer Mueller NOSER algorithm for solving the inverse conductivity problem
Spring 2005
Butler, Troy MS Eugene Allgower Numerical Continuation Using Broyden's Method PhD at Colorado State University
Grande, Beau PhD James Thomas Time-Stepper Based Numerical Bifurcation Analysis:  An Application to the Taylor-Couette Problem
Horman, Peter MS Don Estep Monte Carlo Integration Convergence, Computing, and Imroving
Overmyer, Gerald MS Paul Kennedy A Review of Recent Literature on Cooperative Learning and Achievement in Undergraduate Mathematics
Swinburn, Stacey MS Paul Kennedy An Investigation of the Impact of the Individualized Mathematics Program Tutoring Center University of Northern Colorado
Yestness, Nissa MS Paul Kennedy An Investigation of a Math Placement Program and Student Success in Entry-Level Mathematics Courses
Fall 2004
Bikowski, Jutta MS Jennifer Mueller A 3D reconstruction algorithm employing the fast multipole method for electrical impedance tomography on planar electrode arrays PhD at Colorado State University
Jamshidi, Athur MS Michael Kirby A New Spatio-Temporal Resource Allocation Network (ST-RAN) PhD at Colorado State University
Maleki, Tahereh MS Eugene Allgower Solution of Eigenvalue Problems of Second Order Vector Equations
Summer 2004
Brownlee, Michael MS Jeanne Duflot Bezout's Theorem Front Range Community College
Chang, Jen-Mei MS Michael Kirby Applications of classification with tangent distance to face recognition under varying illumination and pose conditions PhD at Colorado State University
Govan, Anjela MS Jeanne Duflot Classification of the rotational symmetry groups in three dimensional space and its application to the classification of the compounds of cubes
Osnaga, Silvia MS Michael Kirby A Mathematical Analysis of the Second Order Blind Identification Algorithm PhD at Colorado State University
Thelwell, Roger PhD Paul DuChateau Adjoint approach to parameter identification with application to the Richards equation PostDoc, University of Washington
Spring 2004
Alazemi, Abdullah MS Dr. Kelly McArthur The effect of increased energy taxes in a general equilibruum model of production PhD at Colorado State University
Al-Olyan, Ibraheem PhD Eugene Allgower Global Minimization of Hopf Bifurcation Surfaces with Application to Nematic Electroconvection Professor, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Edgar, Thomas MS Anton Betten Finite Projective Geometries and Linear Codes Ph.D. at Notre Dame
Janovitz-Freireich, Itnuit MS Rick Miranda Correspondences of Cremona Lines through Cremona Transformations Ph.D. at North Carolina State
Jonsdottir, Sóley MS Alexander Hulpke An algorithm to compute automorphism groups PhD at Colorado State University
Ladd, Joshua MS Gerhard Dangelmayr Heteroclinic cycles in an eight dimensional vector field derived from nematic electroconvection PhD at Colorado State University
Ma, Jianmin PhD Robert Liebler Searching for commutative fusion schemes in noncommutative association schemes. Oxford College, Georgia
Obermeyer, Fritz MS Aubrey Poore A Bayesian Network based Tracking Database Ph.D., Simon Fraser University
Schaefer, Christine MS Darel Hardy Information theory and entropy IBM, Boulder, CO
Solomon, Tracy MS Paul Kennedy An investigation of study skills, affect, and acchievement in business calculus Instructor, University of Northern Colorado
Stanley, Sarah MS Paul Kennedy An investigation of success rates in calculus Instructor, Western Wyoming Community College, Rock Springs
Wildey, Timothy MS Gerhard Dangelmayr A pseudo-spectral method for the globally coupled Ginzburg-Landau equations in two dimensions PhD at Colorado State University
Summer 2003
Dent, Anamaria PhD Rick Miranda Variations on Methods of Lorentz and Lorentz for Dimensions Two and Three Armed Forces Radiological Research Institute, Bethesda, MD
Follette, Rebecca MS Aubrey Poore The J-V Algorithm
Fox, Amanda MS Michael Kirby A comparison of the Karhunen-Loeve (KL) and Maximum Noise Fraction (MNF) Algorithms on 2D Axisymmetric Model Hurrican Data
Porter, Mark MS Paul DuChateau CSUID: A Drainage-Irrigation Groundwater Model Ph.D. in Water Resource Engineering at Oregon State
Sandelin, Jeff MS Simon Tavener Error Analysis of Partial Differentail Equations with Nonhomogeneous Boundary Conditions PhD at Colorado State University
Wang, Chang-Tsang MS Gerhard Dangelmayr Equivariant Bifurcation Theory and its Application to Visual Halluzination and Pattern Formation in Liquid Crystals
Spring 2003
Askay, Raymond MS Jim Thomas The Construction and Comparison of Numerical Schemes for Solving Two-Dimensional Scalar Conservation Laws
Diane, Mamoudou MS Eugene Allgower Image Analysis using Wavelet and the Singular Value Decomposition
Kull, Trent MS Paul Duchateau Trajectory Determination Through Position and Time Data PhD at Colorado State University
Malone, Ann MS Rick Miranda Test Cases for the Ten-Point Problem
Peters, Pam MS Holger Kley Groups formed by Rational Points on Elliptic Curves PhD at Colorado State University
Pilgrim, Mary MS Jeanne Duflot PascGalois Triangles and Other Types of Cellular Automata Instructor, Front Range Community College
Summer 2002
Messier, Cheryl MS Jeanne Duflot Mathematics, Knots and the Alexander Polynomial
Spring 2002
Bandlow, Jason MS Kendra Killpatrick A Variety of Combinatorial Interpretations of the q-Catalan Polynomial Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
Spriggs, Hillary MS Rick Miranda Algebraic Analysis of Symmetries of Gaits and Rhythms
Thelwell, Roger MS Paul DuChateau Non-Linear Balance Equation Ph.D. at Colorado State University
Fall 2001
Badran, Abdelhamid PhD Paul DuChateau Identification of Physical Properties in Geology, Hydrology and Ecology
Emdad, Fatemeh MS Aubrey Poore Removal of Alignment Errors in an Integrated System of Two 3-D Sensors PhD at Colorado State University
Kenyon, Gary MS Michael Kirby
Lu, Suihua PhD Aubrey Poore Network Multiple Frame Assignment Architectures
Summer 2001
Anderle, Markus PhD Gerhard Dangelmayr Modeling Geometric Structure in Noisy Data
Cross, Jonathan MS Robert Liebler Hadamard Matrices with Block Structure Lockheed Martin, Colorado
Cushman, Ann PhD Robert Liebler Cyclotomic Coset Association Schemes US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs
Davis, Diane MS Darel Hardy The Galois Field GF256 and the Rijndael Block Cipher PhD at Colorado State University
Djang, Peter MS Chris Peterson This Statement is False
Erdmann, Melissa PhD Eugene Allgower Cell Exclusion Algorithms Assistant Professor, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Gianvecchio, Michael MS Michael Kirby Study of a Data Structure Analysis Algorithm
Hebert, Jonathan MS Robert Lielber Capstone Courses in Mathematics

Research and Data Analyst, Performa Higher Education

Jonkman, Bonnie MS Don Estep Computational Error Estimates for Numerical Solutions of Linear Systems
Matsuo, Nobuaki MS Kelly McArthur
Scott, Stephen MS Rick Miranda A Method for Approximating Surface Areas on the Human Body
Todd, Anthony MS Michael Kirby
Viita, Jane MS Michael Kirby Principal Component Analysis Using Cross Validation Lockheed Martin Astronautics
Walters, Julia MS Kelly Chappell The Impact of Conceptual Teaching on Student Achievement in a Subsequent Calculus Course Mathematics Instructor, Diablo Valley College, California
Spring 2001
Al-Olyan, Ibraheem MS Eugene Allgower Survey of Smoothing Methods
Kahle, Matthew MS Chris Peterson
Martin, Shawn PhD Michael Kirby Techniques in Support Vector Classification Sandia National Laboratories
Pietropaolo, Ryan MS Robert Liebler There Exists a Unique Simple Group of Order 168 Ph.D. in Education, Colorado State University
Richards, Kristopher PhD David Zachmann Mathematical Applications Within Distributive Environments in Java (MADEinJava) SUN Microsystems, Inc.
Fall 2000
Gadaleta, Sabino PhD Gerhard Dangelmayr Optimal Chaos Control through Reinforcement Learning
Spring 2000
Bouwmeester, Henricus MS Kurt Georg Mesh Independence of Preconditioned Krylov Subspace Methods
Chapman, Matthew MS Michael Kirby The Karhunen-Loeve Transformation for Gappy Data
Dent, Anamaria MS Rick Miranda Automatic Geometric Theorem Proving Ph.D. at Colorado State University
Linstid, Benjamin MS Michael Kirby An Algorithm for the Correction of Biased Corrupted Temperature Data Lockheed Martin
Fall 1999
Dreisigmeyer, David MS Michael Kirby The Adaptive Temporal KL Algorithms PhD at Colorado State University
Livingston, Colleen PhD Robert Gaines Periodic Existence Theorems in Optimal Control Bemidji State University (MN), Assistant Professor
Zeif, Jonathan MS Paul DuChateau Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems
Summer 1999
Heger, Michelle MS Ken Klopfenstein Learning Styles and Student Efficacy in the Individualized Mathematics Program Ph.D. at Purdue University
Henderson, Lynette MS Gerald Taylor A One Dimensional Time-Dependent Cloud Model  
Lahme, Brigitte PhD Rick Miranda Karhunen Loeve Decomposition in the Presence of Symmetry Arizona State University, Post Doc
Moffitt, Patrick MS Paul DuChateau A Numerical Solution to a Nonlinear Parabolic Inverse Raytheon (Aurora, CO)
Rubaii, Khalil MS Ken Klopfenstein Correlating Pretest Performance With Student Success in College Calculus Ph.D. at Colorado State University
Seibert, James PhD Rick Miranda The Dimension of Planar Linear Systems Williamette University, Faculty
Van Ens, Craig MS Paul DuChateau Comparison of Three One-Dimensional Systems and One Two-Dimensional System at Equilibrium Using Linear Algebra I.B.M. (Boulder, CO)
Yan, Xin MS Aubrey Poore Use of K-Near Optimal Solutions to Improve Data Association in Multi-Frame Processing Microsoft (Redmond, WA), Software Design Engineer
Spring 1999
Buck, Keith MS Aubrey Poore Visibility Constrained Routing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Numerica, Inc. (Ft. Collins, CO)
Ehrnberg, Paul MS Michael Kirby Iterative Methods for Solving A=Y in Radial Basis Function Construction Ph.D. at Colorado State University
Matsui, Maile MS Kelly McArthur Analysis of a Differential Equation with Periodic Boundary Values I.B.M. (Boulder, CO), Software Engineer
Morris, Jeremy PhD Richard Darst The Hausdorff Dimension of Nondifferentiability Sets of Cantor Functions Arizona State University, Instructor.
Petherick, John MS Nick Krier WINS CREATED, Using Win Probabilities to Evaluate Player Performance and Analyze Strategy in Major League Baseball Consulting
Richards, Kristopher MS David Zachmann A Parallel Algorithm for Solving Richards Equation Ph.D. at Colorado State University
Thibault, Julia MS Bennet Manvel Graph Colorings and Applications The CNA Corporation (Alexandria, VA)
Fall 1998
Romero, Ryan MS Kelly McArthur The Connection Between Discretizing Green's Functions and Inverting the Second Order Finite Difference Boundary Value Operators Ball Aerospace (Boulder, CO)
Seitz, Paul MS Eugene Allgower Godel's Incompleteness Theorem and its Implications
Shea, Peter PhD Aubrey Poore Lagrangian Relaxation Based Methods for Data Association Problems in Tracking Senior Principal Engineer at ORINCON Corporation in San Diego, California.
Trenary, Timothy PhD Aubrey Poore A Banach-Hilbert Space Framework for the Study of Parametric Problems in Abstract Optimization Software Engineer in the Printing Systems Division at IBM Corporation in Boulder, Colorado..
Summer 1998
Armbrust, Bruce MS G. McGuire The Octacode
Bornemann, Rebecca MS Michael Kirby Teaching Computers to Learn Department of Defense (Baltimore, MD)
Carpenter, Stacy MS Gary McGuire Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
Hundley, Douglas PhD Michael Kirby Local Modeling Via Neural Charts Whitman College (Wala Wala, WA)
Ovaska, Eric MS Paul DuChateau Interpreting Solutions of Partial Differential Equation's Using Maple
Overbay, Shannon PhD Bennet Manvel Generalized Book Embeddings Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Gonzaga University.
Trujillo, Alan MS Paul DuChateau A Numerical Solution for Conservative Dynamical Systems
Spring 1998
Aldana, Jorge MS Robert Gaines Optimal Control of the Chemotherapy of HIV
Erdmann, Melissa MS Rick Miranda Rigid Motions of an Infinite Cylinder
Fall 1997
Adair, Ronnie PhD Jim Thomas Simulations of Taylor-Couette Flow
Garrison, Amy MS David Zachmann Parallel Computing: Comparing Domain Decomposition Techniques
Laverty, Richard MS Jay Bourland Conformal Mappings, The Schwarz-Christoffel Transformation and the Harbour Paradox
Summer 1997
Alkarni, Said MS Eugene Allgower On the Equivariant Matrices and their Applications in Statistics
Carston, Michael MS Jim Thomas The Tchebycheff-Markoff Inequalities
Earnhart, Angela MS David Zachmann A Java Visualization of the Multigrid Method
Gaines, Elissa MS W. Chin A Review of Pre-Dimensional Maps and Border Collision Bifurcations
Maddox, Stacy MS Gerald Taylor Chronology of Numerical Simulations of Laboratory and Atmospheric Vortices
Marak, Clarence PhD Jeanne Duflot A Filtration for the Ko of the Inverse Limit of a Diagram
Napper, Penelope MS Richard Darst On the Traveling Salesman Problem
Suzuki, Kumi MS David Zachmann
Spring 1997
Andrews, Roger MS Paul DuChateau Magnetic Levitation via Electromagnetic Feedback
Grande, Beau MS Rick Miranda The Algebraic Closure of the Ring of Power Series
Griffin, Andrea MS Ben Manvel Prisoner's Dilemma
Keller, David MS Rick Miranda Nontrivial Solutions to Diophantine Equations in Z and C [t]
Martin, Shawn MS Rick Miranda Concerning the Quadratic Relations Which Define the Grassman Manifold
Rosenfeld, Daniel MS Gerald Taylor On the Convergence of Fourier Series
Schneider, Kimberly PhD Frank DeMeyer Local to Global for Endomorphishms
Shahin, Sami MS Paul DuChateau Sensitivity Analysis for Input/Output Mapping
Fall 1996
Asai, Nobuhiro MS Paul DuChateau Multiplication of Distributions and the Colombeau's Theory
Bingham, Heather MS Gerald Taylor A Comparison of Discrete Goodness-of-Fit Test and r-way Contingency Tables: Some exact and Non-asymptotic Analyses Methods
Manning, Mark MS Michael Kirby Gain Provides Speedup in Networks Using Back Propagation
Mohammad, Hassan PhD Jeanne Duflot Hopf Ideals in a Universal Hopf Algebra, with Applications
Summer 1996
Hahn, David PhD Rick Miranda Quadruple Covers of Algebraic Varieties
Procunier, Robert MS Jaak Vilms Fractional Derivatives
Sonnenberg, Michelle MS Richard Darst An Introduction to Chance Constrained Programming
Stout, Andrea MS Bennet Manvel The Towers of Hanoi, Hamiltonian Paths on the N-cube, and the Chinese Ring Puzzle
Spring 1996
Henderson, Traci MS Nick Krier The Robustness of the Latin Square Design
Fall 1995
Paige, Robert MS Michael Kirby Artificial Neural Networks for Time Series Prediction and Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis
Summer 1995
Alberty, Jochen MS Michael Kirby Linear and Nonlinear Pattern Analysis and Dimensionality Reduction of Dynamical systems
Boden, Lisa MS Darel Hardy Data Compression: Huffman and Shannon-Fano Coding
Cook, Samuel MS Nick Krier The Degree Two Achievement Game on n Vertices
Diamond, Brian MS Ben Manvel The Amazing Jones Polynomial
Fellenz (Catlett), Kathryn MS Aubrey Poore An Introduction to the protein Folding Problem
Imran, M MS Kurt Georg The Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg Method
Pieper, Heiko MS Richard Darst An Auction Algorithm for Solving the k Node-disjoint Path Problem
Robertson, Alexander PhD Aubrey Poore A New Lagrangian Relaxation Algorithm for the N-Dimensional Assignment Problem
Seibert, James MS Rick Miranda The Dimension of Planar Linear Systems
Symms, John PhD Rick Miranda Deformations of Configurations of Planes
Spring 1995
Lahme, Brigitte MS Rick Miranda Karhunen Loeve Decomposition in the Presence of Symmetry
Ochs, Marc MS Bennet Manvel An Algorithmic Construction of Fault Free Hamiltonian Circuits in n-dimensional Hypercubes Containing at Most n-2 Faulty Edges
Peng, Yu-Shan MS Bennet Manvel Hackenbush Games and Numbers
Salim, Hussein MS Aubrey Poore Optimality and First Order Necessary Condition in Nonlinear Programming
Sjoberg, Peter MS David Zachmann An Investifgation of Eigenfunctions over the Equilateral Triangle and Square
Tausch, Johannes PhD Eugene Allgower Equivariant Preconditioner for Boundary Element Methods
Werner, Caryn PhD Rick Miranda Moduli for a Surface of General Type
Fall 1994
Lee, Wan-I MS Paul DuChateau An Analysis of the Backward heat Equation Using the Adjoint Problem
Summer 1994
Adair, Ronnie MS Jim Thomas Alternating Direction Implicit Methods
Bergner, Jennifer MS Jeanne Duflot Combinatorics and Commutative Algebra
Grine, Heather MS Aubrey Poore Solving the Dense Two-Dimensional Assignment Problem Using a Subgradient Algorithm
Hassed, James MS Michael Kirby Multiresolution Analysis and Wavelet Decompositions
Luxa, Steven MS Jim Thomas The Multigrid Scheme on Poisson's Equation
Morris, Jeremy MS Eugene Allgower Radial Basis Function Approximations
Overbay, Shannon MS Bennet Manvel Pick's Theorem
Skahill, Brian MS Jay Bourland Surface Crack Detection in Metals Using Microwaves
Spring 1994
Adair, Jikyong MS Richard Darst Auction Algorithms for Solving the Minimum Cost Flow Problem
Frey, David MS Paul DuChateau Application of Intergral Identities to Parabolic Inverse problems
McCoy, Amanda MS Bennet Manvel The Traveling Salesman Problem
Murray, Glenn PhD Rick Miranda The Gaussian Map on Smooth Toric Surfaces Research Assistant Professor at Colorado School of Mines
Siyyam, Hani PhD Eugene Allgower Numerical Integration Over Implicitly Defined Curves
Svacina, Michele MS Michael Kirby Kramer's Bottleneck Neural Network
Syam, Muhammed PhD Kelly McArthur An Iterative Method for Solving a Discrete Chebyshev Approximation to Boundary Value Problems
Weibler, Darren MS David Zachmann Graphical Tool for Analysis of Laplace Equation
Fall 1993
Unruh, Bryce MS Bennet Manvel Games and Codes
Summer 1993
Blickensderfer, Tracy MS Kelly McArthur Deriving Runge-Kutta Methods Using Maple V and Matlab
Grunau, Daryl PhD David Zachmann Lattice Methods for Modeling Hydrodynamics
Hamdan, Rami MS David Zachmann Numerical Solutions to Connvection-Diffusion Equation
Malwitz, Robert MS P. Prenter A Low Pass Filter for Noisy Linear Systems
Nielsen, Debra MS David Zachmann
Regnier, Kimberly PhD Frank DeMeyer Brauer Groups and Reflexive Modules on Toric Varieties
Rindahl, Paul MS Bennet Manvel Scheduling Whist Tournaments
Vair, Michael MS Michael Kirby Finding Intrinsic Dimensionality of Data Using the Karhunen-Loeve Expansion on Local Regions
Spring 1993
Goentzel, Jarrod MS Richard Darst Asymmetric Auction Algorithm
Hasz, Jonathan MS Richard Darst Relaxation Method for Solving Min-Cost Flow
Hogan, Catherine MS Ben Manvel Codes for Authentication
Molina, Robert PhD Bennet Manvel Problems in Graph Reconstruction
Orthel, Stephanie MS Gerald Taylor Computer Visualizations of the Itcz and the Hadley Circulation
Parsons, Jay MS Richard Darst The Auction Algorithm for the Symmetric Assignment Problem
Shea, Peter MS Aubrey Poore The Numerical Solution of Calculus of Variation Problems Using Unconstrained Minimization
Vancil, Andrew MS Bennet Manvel The Pentomino Fifteen Problem
Fall 1992
Thomas, Anthony MS Kelly McArthur
Summer 1992
Hitchcock, Karlen MS Aubrey Poore
Rijavec, Nenad PhD Aubrey Poore
Sadler, Jeffrey MS Frank DeMeyer
Spring 1992
Johnsen, Karen MS David Zachmann
Neuberger, John MS Paul DuChateau An Application of the Implicit Heat Equation Solver
Poje, Mia PhD Jeanne Duflot
Truedson, Conrad MS Darel Hardy
Vestal, Donald MS Arne Magnus An Introduction to Partition Theory Assistant Professor, South Dakota State University
Zeleity, Houcine MS David Zachmann
Fall 1991
Goldade, Marci MS Jim Thomas
Hasan, Mohammed PhD Aubrey Poore
Livingston, Colleen MS Paul DuChateau
Oliver, Dale PhD Robert Liebler
Power, Stephen MS Jaak Vilms
Tan, Kapin PhD J. Hunter Weakly Dispersion Short Vave Equations
Walker, John MS Richard Darst
Summer 1991
Marak, Clarence MS Steven Landsburg
Morehouse, James MS Richard Darst
Yang, Bing PhD Aubrey Poore
Spring 1991
Alarawi, Maatoug MS Jim Thomas
Alford, Jonathan MS David Zachman
Casten, Nancy MS Arne Magnus
Fischer, Adelheid MS Gerald Taylor
Mattson, James MS Darel Hardy
Odliin, David MS Gerald Taylor
Olsen, James MS Rick Miranda
Pan, Dong MS Jaak Vilms
Swanson, Thomas MS Rick Miranda
Symms, John MS Rick Miranda
Werner, Caryn MS Richard Darst
Williams, Michael MS Aubrey Poore
Fall 1990
Farmen, Mark MS Gerald Taylor
Mandyam, Sridhar MS Richard Darst
Redman, Holly MS Richard Darst
Snyders, Kathryn MS Bennet Manvel
Summer 1990
Chen, Ju MS Paul DuChateau
Coe, Patrick MS Jim Thomas
Hellickson, Layne MS Aubrey Poore
Hoover, Jacqueline MS Aubrey Poore
Mckay, Steven PhD Jim Thomas
Tavatli, Kourosh MS David Zachmann
Spring 1990
Cheng, Chungi MS Rick Miranda
Heikes, Ross MS David Zachmann
Powers, Robert MS Rick Miranda
Sur, Sumit MS P. Prenter
Fall 1989
Fazzio, Ronald MS Jaak Vilms
Kansal, Shalini MS Arne Magnus
Muhialdin, Haytham MS Arne Magnus
Yang, Chengmin PhD Gerald Taylor
Summer 1989
Chaffee, Susan MS Aubrey Poore
Chavez, David MS Frank DeMeyer
DeSa, Colin MS P. Prenter
Feehan, Laurie MS Ken Klopfenstein
Grunau, Daryl MS Paul DuChateau Immiscible Fluids in a Porous Media
Hill, Christopher MS John Locker
Molina, Robert MS Frank DeMeyer Linear Orthogonal Systems of Permutation Polynomials
Townsend, Scott MS Gerald Taylor
Spring 1989
AL-Rhayyel, Ahmad PhD Rick Miranda
Alvarez, Eileen PhD Rick Miranda
Heroux, Michael PhD Jim Thomas
Iiams, Joel MS Bernard Levinger
Lundberg, Bruce PhD Aubrey Poore
Mason, Mark MS Richard Darst
Murray, Glenn MS Bennet Manvel The Action of Some Finite Groups on C2
Rector, Harriet MS David Zachmann
Refai, Mashhoor PhD Jeanne Duflot Group Actions on Finite CS-Complexes
Fall 1988
Almashari, Rawda MS Darel Hardy
Hazzaa, Maha MS Richard Darst
Kessenich, John MS Darel Hardy
Summer 1988
Arvidson, John MS Jim Thomas
Bonan, Catherine MS Arne Magnus
Dambrosia, Barbara MS Rick Miranda
Kakakhail, Haniya PhD Frank DeMeyer
Krenz, Robert MS Duane Clow
Nath, Sudhir PhD Frank DeMeyer
Zhou, Zhong Min MS Kurt Georg
Spring 1988
Cooper, Sandra PhD Arne Magnus
Cooper, Kevin PhD P. Prenter
Ferrell, Mitzi MS Frank DeMeyer
Niedringhaus, Paul MS Bennet Manvel
Regnier, Kimberly MS Frank DeMeyer The Existence of Circumscribed Midpoint Polygons
Switzer, Rodney MS Frank DeMeyer
Fall 1987
Calderon, Graciano PhD Jim Thomas
Deutch, Diane MS Zachmann
Green, Mitchell MS Jim Thomas
McKeown, Rebecca MS David Zachmann
Nasiruddin, Novia MS Eugene Allgower
Summer 1987
Alhassan, Qassem PhD Aubrey Poore
Edwards, Kenneth MS Paul DuChateau
Ellis, Susan MS Arne Magnus
Kriebel, Mark MS Jim Thomas
Krussel, John PhD Bennet Manvel
Lagman, Annette MS Bennet Manvel
Ubowski, Karen MS J. Hunter
Spring 1987
Bense, Booker MS Eugene Allgower Information Systems Specialist at the Stanford Linear Accellerator ( SLAC).
Fu, Shusheng PhD Richard Darst
Oliver, Dale MS Bennet Manvel Tiling the Plane with n-Animals
Taft, Richard MS Gerald Taylor
Fall 1986
Bornholdt, Bryan MS P. Prenter
Harrison, Thomas MS David Zachmann
Krussel, Carolyn MS Rick Miranda
Summer 1986
Austin (Weins), Debra MS Frank DeMeyer
Belak, Diane MS Robert Liebler
Boughoula, Mounir MS Paul DuChateau
Mckean, Quinlyann MS Arne Magnus
Mumford, Michael MS David Zachmann
Schweitzer, Roland MS Jim Thomas
Tan, Kapin MS J. Hunter Ray Tracing for Linear Dispersive Waves
Tiahrt, Chris PhD Aubrey Poore
Spring 1986
Dunn, Jeffrey MS Aubrey Poore
Heroux, Michael MS P. Prenter
Rutan, David MS David Zachmann
Sowe, Amadou MS Paul DuChateau
Yang, Chengmiin MS Gerald Taylor
Fall 1985
Yang, Bing MS Aubrey Poore A brief Analysis of Bifurcation Problems in NonLinear Parametric Programming
Summer 1985
Chandra, Barun MS Ben Manvel
Gefroh, Daniel MS Jim Thomas
Kirkwood, Nancy MS Robert Liebler
Spring 1985
Lang, Patrick PhD John Locker
Smith, Kenneth PhD Robert Liebler
Summer 1984
Altemus, Anne MS Richard Gamer
Huotari, Robert PhD Richard Darst
Lembke, Dale MS Jaak Vilms
Ripley, William MS Wilson Brumley
Spring 1984
Akard, Gail MS Darel Hardy
Chien, Peter PhD Eugene Allgower Dean at Nat. Chung Hsin University, Taiwan
Cooper, Sandra MS Arne Magnus
Engel, Robert MS Ken Klopfenstein
Koshla, Inder MS Richard Gaines
Nagata, Kenneth PhD Jim Thomas Professor of Mathematics, University of British Columbia, Canada.
Sutinuntopas, Somporn MS Richard Osborne
Fall 1983
Ballard, James MS Paul DuChateau
Parks, Elaine MS Darel Hardy
Strate, Gordon PhD Jim Thomas Lockheed Corp., Sunnyvale, CA.
Thomas, Michael MS David Zachmann
Summer 1983
Calvert, Kelly MS P. Prenter
Krussel, John MS Bennet Manvel
Meyerowitz, Aaron PhD Raj Bose
Spring 1983
Alvarez, Eileen MS Darel Hardy
Aston (Bell), Martha PhD Jim Thomas
Fagan, Patrick MS Darel Hardy
Huang, Guen-Kuen MS Jaak Vilms
Manuelpillai, Clement MS Paul DuChateau
Pack, L MS Aubrey Poore
Tiahrt, Chris MS Jaak Vilms
Vogel, Curtis PhD P. Prenter
Fall 1982
Kouba, Duane PhD John Locker
Teets, Donald MS Eugene Allgower
Summer 1982
Bowers, Sandra MS Richard Painter
Bowers, Kenneth PhD Jim Thomas
Cooper, Kevin MS Jim Thomas
Varghese, Joseph MS Darel Hardy
Spring 1982
Chen, Chun-Mei MS Aubrey Poore
Lee, Yeh MS Gerald Taylor
Myers, David MS David Zachmann
Schaffer, Steve PhD Steve McCormick
Simon, Steven MS John Locker
Smith, Susan MS David Zachmann
Tiu, Felice MS Eugene Allgower
Velicky, Patricia MS Bennet Manvel
Willis, Mark MS Richard Osborne
Fall 1981
Egger, Alan PhD Gerald Taylor
Kerayechian, Asghar PhD David Zachmann
Puleo, Elaine MS Arne Magnus
Summer 1981
Chow, Chungchie MS Gerald Taylor
Honargohar, Zorabi PhD Richard Darst
Nikolopoulos, Christos PhD Frank DeMeyer
Ruge, John PhD McCormick
Santanilla, Jairo PhD John Locker
Tento, Scott PhD Jim Thomas
Spring 1981
Al-Rashed, Badallah PhD Richard Darst
Ayad, Nabila PhD Gerald Taylor
Larsen, William MS E. Deal
Lynch, Jerome MS Darel Hardy
Mogayzel, Mark MS Arne Magnus
Obeid, Mustafa MS Darel Hardy
Platt, David MS Gerald Taylor
Quesenberry, Nancy MS Eugene Allgower
Robinson, Karen MS Bennet Manvel
Sahad, Salem PhD Richard Darst
Strate, Gordon MS Jim Thomas
Warsi, Ghulam MS Nick Krier
Fall 1980
Ford, Timothy PhD Frank DeMeyer
Meck, Kenneth MS Jim Thomas
Sattar, Tillat MS Eugene Allgower
Twombly, Evan PhD Jim Thomas
Summer 1980
Beirbaum, Renee MS P Prenter
Okada, Roberta MS Gerald Taylor
Petersen, James PhD Robert Gaines
Vernon, Michael MS Frank DeMeyer
Spring 1980
Al-Roujayee, Saleh MS Arne Magnus
Althagafi, Mohammed MS Frank DeMeyer
Anderson, Helen MS Nick Krier
Hagberg, Kristine MS Wilson Brumley
Meyerowitz, Aaron MS R. Bose
Pastoor, James MS Gerald Taylor
Pastoor, Jane MS Gerald Taylor
Walter, Samuel MS Paul DuChateau
Wehan, Paul MS Patricia Prenter
Fall 1979
Yetter, Mary MS Eugene Allgower
Summer 1979
Al-Shuhail, Hussain MS Robet Liebler
German, Carolyn MS Ken Klopfenstein
McGuire, Timothy MS David Zachmann
Spring 1979
Aarsvold, John MS Aubrey Poore
Arape, Jesus MS Frank DeMeyer
Gordon, Russell MS Aubrey Poore
Longsine, Dennis PhD McCormick
Randolph, Marion MS David Zachmann
Rassouli, Borzo MS Frank DeMeyer
Sahad, Salem MS Bernard Levinger
Simpson, Brad MS David Zachmann
Spaulding, Thomas MS Gerald Taylor
Vogel, Curtis MS Gerald Taylor
Fall 1978
Sisler, James MS Jaak Vilms
Al-Rawi, Abed PhD Jim Thomas
Summer 1978
Al-Rashed, Badallah MS Richard Darst Minister of Education in Saudi Arabia.
Culver, Garth MS Ken Klopfenstein
Ford, Timothy MS Frank DeMeyer Professor of Mathematics at Florida Atlantic University
Miskimins, Richard PhD Raj Bose
Phelps, John MS Jim Thomas
Spring 1978
Aston, Elizabeth MS Darel Hardy
Avila, Paul MS Gerald Taylor
Ayad, Nabila MS Aubrey Poore
Farahat, Mohamed MS Frank DeMeyer
Hampton, Robert MS John Locker
Miller, David MS Arne Magnus
Nikolopoulos, Christos MS Frank DeMeyer
Rollin, Linda PhD Raj Bose
Stockwell, Mark MS P. Prenter
Verbout, Jerry MS David Zachmann
Fall 1977
Tento, Scott MS Richard Darst
Summer 1977
Boorman, Thomas MS Frank DeMeyer
Spring 1977
Eyeberger, Larry MS P. Prenter
Hull, Joseph MS Gerald Taylor
Jain, Narpat MS Raj Bose
Layne, James MS Jaak Vilms
Pernice, Michael MS John Locker
Shin, Do Yeong MS Paul DuChateau
Theisen, Anthony MS Eugene Allgower
Wong, Wah Nga MS Frank DeMeyer
Summer 1976
Martin, William MS Wilson Brumley
Spring 1976
Graves, Jack MS P. Prenter
Hong, Jung Hi MS Gerald Taylor
Kouba, Duane MS Richard Painter
O'Dell, Thomas MS Eugene Allgower
Quesenberry, David MS Eugene Allgower
Van Wyck, Warren MS Arne Magnus
Fall 1975
Aston (Bell), Martha MS David Zachmann
DeGryse, Donald PhD Richard Osborne
Longsine, Dennis MS McCormick
Noe, Antonie MS McCormick
Summer 1975
Benitez, Joseph MS H. Frisinger
Berg, Gene MS Raj Bose
Berg, Gene PhD Raj Bose
Light, Eugene MS Richard Osborne
Parsons, Kenneth MS Bennet Manvel
Williams, Paul MS David Zachmann
Willis, JM MS Jaak Vilms
Yellen, Jay PhD Robert Liebler
Spring 1975
Cobb, David MS Darel Hardy
Fix, Vikki MS Richard Painter
Halbe, David MS Aubrey Poore
Hino, Katsushige MS Raj Bose
Palagallo, Judith PhD Richard Darst
Parsons, Shirley MS Richard Painter
Robinson, Mark MS Jim Thomas
Fall 1974
Al-Rawi, Abed MS Jim Thomas
Farkoo, Lidia MS Kenneth Whitcomb
Summer 1974
Avery, Perrie MS E. Deal
Blount, Delilah MS E. Deal
Scott, Barbara MS Richard Painter
Chen, Hilton PhD Robert Gaines
Spring 1974
Brann, Kenneth MS B. Levinger
Fall 1973
Murphy, Robert MS Wilson Brumley
Summer 1973
Freeman, James PhD Raj Bose
Heuberger, Howard MS David Zachmann
Miskimins, Richard MS R. Bose
Rollin, Linda MS R. Bose
Stout, William MS George Imis
Taylor, Charles MS Wilson Brumley
Spring 1973
Baird, Richard MS Howard Frisinger
Bard, Nathan MS Darel Hardy
Bolding, William MS Jim Thomas
Carlson, Gary MS Arne Magnus
Farden, Nancy MS Robert Gaines
Gabler, Gregory MS John Locker
Keller, Frederick MS Richard Darst
Memmel, Richard MS Richard Osborne
Scott, Gordon MS John Locker
Smith, Gregg MS Richard Darst
Summer 1972
Brandon, Robert PhD Darel Hardy
Hill, David MS Darel Hardy
Wood, Nancy MS Max Stein
Wynn, Jan PhD R. Kemann
Spring 1972
Boyce, Kyle MS Wilson Brumley
Cyrus, Michael MS Ken Klopfenstein
Elgethun, Edward PhD Frank DeMeyer
Greenwell, Steven MS David Zachmann
Jeppson, Mark PhD Eugene Allgower Manager at Minn. Honeywell.
Konvalinka, Michael MS Frank DeMeyer
Mara, Patrick MS Eugene Allgower Mathematics Teacher at Pueblo East HS., Colorado Presidential Award Winner.
Reich, Michael MS Bennet Manvel
Schultz, George MS H. Frisinger
Spatola, Michael MS Robert Gaines
Stevens, Richard PhD Richard Osborne
Sweeder, James MS Jaak Vilms
Timmer, Kathleen PhD Frank DeMeyer
Zettle, Patricia MS Bennet Manvel
Fall 1971
DeGryse, Donald MS Richard Osborne Vice-president at Martin Marietta in Denver.
Summer 1971
Bange, David PhD Robert Gaines
Bogard, Gerald MS E. Deal
Shaughnessy, Dale MS John Locker
Spring 1971
Abbey, Mary MS H. Frisinger
Bartlett, Robert MS H. Frisinger
Gill, John PhD Arne Magnus
Fall 1970
Dawson, Jeffrey MS Frank DeMeyer
Vrem, Rick MS Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Humboldt State University.
Summer 1970
Brown, Marian PhD Painter
Bruckhart, Glenn MS E. Deal Mathematics Program Coordinator for the Denver Public School System.
Osterfoss, Barbara MS Wilson Brumley
Silvers, Dixie MS Robert Gaines
Fall 1969
Francel, Margaret MS Frank DeMeyer
Summer 1969
Capp, Clifford MS A. Farnell
DeJong, Dennis MS H. Frisinger
King, Julie MS Walter Butler
Ratliff, Michael MS Max Stein
Sanders, William MS John Locker
Spring 1969
Bange, David MS Robert Gaines
Thompson, Glenda MS Kenneth Whitcomb
Fall 1968
Henry, Myron PhD Max Stein
Sobieski, Wayne MS Darel Hardy
Summer 1968
Holcomb, Kirby MS Richard Painter
Seydel, Robert MS H. Frisinger
Spring 1968
Brown, Marian MS Max Stein
Davis, Cornelous MS Eugene Allgower
Harrison, Wade MS A. Farnell
Robb, Carl MS Richard Painter
Schaffter, Thomas MS E. Deal
Yuen, Yvonne MS Arne Magnus
Summer 1967
Barr, Dennis MS E. Deal
Summer 1965
Henry, Myron MS M. Stein