The accomplishments of departmental members in teaching, research, service and outreach have been recognized by many entities.

Departmental Awards

A list of recipients of the awards given inside the departmental is given below.

Recent Awards


Farrah Sadre-Marandi was named Outstanding GTA. Patrick Shipman was named Outstanding Professor.


Michael Mikucki was named Outstanding GTA. Alexander Hulpke was named Outstanding Professor.


Elizabeth Lane-Harvad was named Outstanding GTA. Dan Bates was named Outstanding Professor.


Eric Nelson and Dusty Ross were named Outstanding GTA. James Liu was named Outstanding Professor.


Sarah Hamilton was named Outstanding GTA. Renzo Cavalieri was named Outstanding Professor.


Cassandra Williams received the College of Natural Sciences Graduate Student Excellence in Teaching Award


Shawn Farnell was named Outstanding GTA. Renzo Cavalieri was named Outstanding Professor.

Record of Departmental Awards

The following awards are given annually by the department:

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant

Given by Faculty

Outstanding Professor in Graduate Instruction

Awarded by the Graduate Students

Awardees in recent years were:
Year Outstanding GTA Outstanding Professor
2014Michael Mikucki Alexander Hulpke
2013Elizabeth Lane-Harvard Dan Bates
2012Eric Nelson
Dusty Ross
James Liu
2011Sarah HamiltonRenzo Cavalieri
2010 Shawn Farnell Renzo Cavalieri
2009 Elin Smith Chris Peterson
2008 Megan Buzby
Steve Benoit
Alexander Hulpke
2007 Alan von Herrmann Alexander Hulpke
2006 Rebecca Lynn Holger Kley
2005 Sean Eastmann Donald Estep
2004 Sylvia Osnaga Holger Kley
Rachel Pries
2003 Roger ThelwellKurt Georg
Jeanne Duflot
2002 Anamaria Dent Eugene Allgower
2001 Diane DavisJeanne Duflot
Kendra Killpatrick
2000 Julia Walters Chris Peterson
1999 Beau Grande Jack Locker