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The Department of Mathematics is hosting five visiting researchers during the 2015-16 academic year.

Gerhard Kristensson

Dr. Gerhard Kristensson will be a visiting research scholar III with Margaret Cheney during the 2015 fall semester. He will also work with Branislav Notaros, ECE department at CSU. While on campus his will do research on electromagnetic theory, specifically related to electromagnetic wave propagation and inverse problems. He will also be giving guest lectures on his research work in electromagnetic theory, and interact with a number of CSU researchers and graduate students interested in this area of research. Gerhard Kristensson has earned emeritus status at Lund University (established in 1666), Lund, Sweden.

Yunpeng Liu

Dr. Yunpeng Liu, an associate professor from Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, will be visiting our department through May of 2016. Dr. Liu was awarded a scholarship from Shenyang Institute of Automation to study abroad as a visiting scholar in our department. While on campus he will be working with Michael Kirby in his Pattern Analysis Laboratory and members of his research group, on the topic of Manifolds based Signal and Image processing.

Melissa Erdmann

Dr. Melissa Erdmann, an associate professor from Nebraska Wesleyan University, is a visiting researcher with Jennifer Mueller. Dr. Erdmann is a former graduate student at Colorado State University earning her M.S. degree (1998) in algebra under the advisement of Rick Miranda. She also earned a Ph.D. (2001) in numerical analysis with co-advisers Gene Allgower and the late Kurt Georg. While visiting our department Dr. Erdmann and Dr. Mueller are specifically investigating ultrasound technology. As a widely used technique, medical imaging has both researchers excited about promising possibilities which will enhance and expand the use of this technology.

At Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Dr. Erdmann teaches a wide variety of courses ranging from service courses, such as Math for Liberal Arts, to math major courses, such as Real Analysis. She is also the advisor for Math Club/Kappa Mu Epsilon and for Cardinal Key, a woman's honor society and service organization. On Friday afternoons at 3:00, she can be found at a local coffee shop where a group of NWU students and faculty meet to speak German.

Once upon a time, department Emeritus Professor Jaak Vilms, introduced the new graduate students at the beginning-of-the-year meeting. He mentioned that Erdmann had studied mathematics and german; and added a side comment that the department was considering making this combination a graduate requirement! Indeed, a number of individuals throughout the department speak German, while everyone speaks the common language of mathematics. She is glad to be back back on campus.

Valentijn Karemaker, from the Utrecht University in Leiden, the Netherlands, visited our department for 10-days in September. She is currently a graduate student working on research related to supersingular curves and L-polynomials with Professor Rachel Pries. While visiting, she also gave a talk in the FRAGMENT (Front Range interested in Algebra, GeoMEtry and Number Theory) seminar. The title of her talk was "The inverse Galois problem for symplectic groups".

Dr. Jianmin Ma, a former CSU mathematics graduate (Ph.D. 2004 with Robert Liebler), and currently a faculty member at Hebei Normal University in China, is planning to visit the department from December 2015 for a year. Dr. Ma will be working with Anton Betten, Alexander Hulpke and Timothy Penttila on algebraic combinatorics, in particular association schemes. He will also participate in the Rocky Mountain Algebraic Combinatorics seminar.

Dr. Ma's wife will visit the political science department at Colorado State during the same period.

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