Schedule instructions

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The schedule is created automatically from a text file that is maintained by each person. You can view schedules by either clicking that persons office number in the faculty or graduate students list, or by going to the secure server farm8 and selecting Department information.

Create a text file (for example with vi, emacs, Notepad; not with Word) which will be sitting in you public_html directory on stokes and is called officetimes or officetimes.txt. (For example, for Alexander the file is


If you are using Windows, the file is sitting in the public_html directory on your S: drive.

The file must be world readable (in the same way as all other files on the web pages are). Under UNIX, you can accheive this by the commands

cd ~/public_html
chmod go+x ~
chmod go+rx . 
chmod go+r officetimes 

The text file contains commands that indicate different types of events as well as their times and locations. Each event is given on a line by itself.

At the moment, events start at the full hour and run for one hour. Events that run longer have to be entered for each time slot. (If there is serious need for other start times, please let me know.)

Each command starts with an optional letter (OLWNR) which indicates the type of event. If subsequent events are of the same type, this letter does not need to be given again.

The types are:

Office hours. Only time needs to be given. You can optionally give a room.
Lectures. Lecture name and location have to be given.
Other events that will be listed on the web page schedule. Again Name and location have to be given.
Events that will not appear on the web pages but only in the printed list for internal use. The format otherwise again is the same.
Remark. Everything following this letter will be put verbation on the web pages. (Thus this item has to come last.) You can include HTML formatting. This can be used for example to indicate absence for certain days.
Time is indicated by a sequence of letters from MTWRF followed by a number (times are interpreted to be between 8am and 6pm, so am/pm are no problem. Times can be given in 12 hour or 24 hour format.

Unless the event is an office hour, this is followed by the name of the event and the location. (The last blank on the line separates the event from the location, thus room numbers are not permitted to contain a blank space.) If you do not want (or cannot) list a room, give a question mark.

Locations (Room Numbers) may not contain a blank (but events may, thus Algebra Seminar WB117 is parsed as expected).

For example:

O MW10
L MWF11 M766 WB014
MWF14 M400X E202
W R2 Seminar WB117
N T3 Soccer ?
R This is my schedule
produces the following schedule (Soccer practice Tuesdays at 3 will not appear on the web but only in the printed version.)


This is my schedule
TimeMondayTuesday WednesdayThursdayFriday
10am Office Hour   Office Hour    
11am M766 (WB014)   M766 (WB014)   M766 (WB014)
2pm M400X (E202)   M400X (E202) Seminar (WB117) Office Hour

The schedule files will be updated once every night, thus any corrections will appear on the web only the next day.

For questions please contact Alexander Hulpke.