Wednesday, May 3, Lori Student Center, Room 228, 11:20am

Flow in a small aspect ratio Taylor-Couette device: Experimental and numerical comparisons

Simon Tavener
Department of Mathematics
Colorado State University

I will discuss the "Taylor-Couette" flow of a Newtonian fluid in the annular gap between two concentric cylinders. Arne Schulz at the University of Kiel has performed a series of experiments using short cylinders whose rotation rates can be set independently. The top and bottom surfaces of his experimental apparatus are stationary. Convincing agreement between experiments and computations based on numerical bifurcation techniques can be obtained for steady, axisymmetric flows over a range of aspect ratios and Reynolds numbers. Earlier studies in an apparatus with a stationary outer cylinder suggest that the same will be true for the onset of singly periodic flows. Further progress depends upon the development and implementation of efficient numerical techniques for computing periodic solutions and determining their stability.
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