Spring 1999

M 255 : Calculus-Biological Sciences

Section: 1

Time:  12:10-1PM MTWF

Meeting Room: EE 204 T EE105 MWF

Instructor:  Nicholas krier

Office: EE 112
Phone: 491-6231
Email: krier@math.colostate.edu

Office Hours: 11-12 MWF 3-4 R

Text: Calculus in Context
by Callahan Hoffman et al

Course Outline:

The pace will be three weeks per chapter with a test each Friday of 3rd
weeks, except the last week where the test will be on Wednesday.

Grading will be as follows:
Tests              500pts
Quiz/Class         120
Hw                 100
Projects           100
Final exam         200
Total             1020.

I will count the best 200 pts of homework, the best 100 points of
Projects will be a set of extended exercises worth 50 points each.  These
will be treated like lab reports- They must be typed or written neatly in
pen.  You will have a chance to make corrections on them.  The corrections
will be due one week from the time I first return the first attempt.
There will be three projects, so potentially there are 50 points of extra
credit you could earn.  To get a grade I will add up all your points and
divide by 1020. Then   90% A;  87% A-; 84% B+; 80% B;  77% B-; 74 % C+;
70% C; 65% C-;  60% D.
  I anticipate that there will be several extra quizzes and homeworks, so
the lowest will be dropped.  This will serve to deal with absence or lack
of understanding or whatever that may occur once in a while.

We will have a test on a Chapter on Feb 5,Feb 26, Mar 26, Apr 16 and May 5.
The Final Exam will occur in our main classroom EE105, Monday May 10 at 7AM.

Course Coordinator: N Krier