The PACe Program is an innovative instructional program that accommodates differences in students' backgrounds, aptitudes, goals, and learning styles. The one-credit minicourses MATH 117, MATH 118, MATH 124, MATH 125 and MATH 126 are taught in the PACe Program. The PACe Center in the Weber Building makes individualization possible by providing "walk-in" services in its Tutoring and Testing Centers.

To complete a minicourse students must work through a carefully designed series of online required assignments and review exams, and then demonstrate their competence on a sequence of proctored unit exams. Students are allowed to repeat unit exams without penalty, and are encouraged to strive for a high level of competence with the course material.

All students taking PACe minicourses have access to a variety of learning resources. In this self-directed program, students have both the opportunity and the responsibility to choose and use those resources that are most effective for them.

The learning resources provided by the PACe Program include:

online (web based) videoclip and pdf instructional materials (e-texts that are purchased online),

individual tutoring in the PACe Tutoring Center (136 Weber),

detailed individual feedback about review and unit exam performance (provided online), and

supplemental texts available for overnight checkout from the PACe Resource Desk (Weber 136).

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Last updated on:   April 22, 2011