Spring 2018

MATH 340: Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations

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Course Description

The construction of mathematical models to address real-world problems has been one of the most important aspects of each of the branches of science. It is often the case that these mathematical models are formulated in terms of equations involving functions as well as their derivatives. Such equations are called differential equations. If only one independent variable is involved, often time, the equations are called ordinary differential equations. The course will demonstrate the usefulness of ordinary differential equations for modeling physical and other phenomena. Complementary mathematical approaches for their solution will be presented, including analytical methods, graphical analysis and numerical techniques. The basic content of the course includes

Other Course Materials

Classrooms of Exams

(*) One two-sided sheet not larger than A4 is allowed in Exam I, II, and Final. Other materials (Notes, books, calculators) are not allowed.
(*) Exam classrooms are assigned by the last names of students alphabtically sorted from all sections combined.
Student Last Name A-C D-F G-H I-L M-N O-S T-Z
Exams I and II classroom CLARK A101 ENGRG 120 WAGAR 231 SHEP 212 SHEP 118 GLOVR 130 MICRO A101
Student Last Name A-C D-F G-H I-L M-N O-S T-Z
Final Exam classroom CLARK A101 ENGRG 120 WAGAR 231 TILT 221 SHEP 118 GOLVR 130 MICRO A101

Section, Classroom, and Instructor

Section Class time and classroom Instructor
1 MTWF at 08:00-08:50AM, Engrg E203 Joshua Mirth
2 MTWF at 10:00-10:50AM, Engrg E203 James Liu
3 MTWF at 11:00-11:50AM, Engrg E203 Yongcheng Zhou
4 MTWF at 12:00-12:50PM, Engrg E203 Graham Harper
5 MTWF at 01:00-01:50PM, Engrg E203 Catelina Camacho
6 MTWF at 02:00-02:50PM, Engrg E203 Julien Chaput
7 MTWF at 03:00-03:50PM, Engrg E203 Jeremy Buss
8 MTWF at 04:00-04:50PM, Engrg E203 Xiaofeng Ma
9 MTWF at 03:00-03:50PM, SHEP 102 Nand Sharma
10 MTWF at 04:00-04:50PM, Engrg E205 Rashmi Murthy

Common office hours are held in TILT Building Great Hall, starting from the second week.

09:00-10:00 10:00-11:00 11:00-12:00 12:00-13:00 13:00-14:00 14:00-15:00 15:00-16:00
Mon Zhou Nand Zhou Liu
Tue Mirth Mirth Jeremy Rashmi Camacho Liu
Wed Camacho Nand
Thu Xiaofeng Julien Julien Jeremy
Fri Xiaofeng Graham Graham Rashmi

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