Step Three  How Old is Your Dog?

Your job is to write a program which will be run by a highly disciplined dog. Below is what the screen should look like when you run your program. Output is shown in black and input the dog might supply is shown in red. Remember that each year for a dog equals seven years for a person. Also, keep an eye on your spacing on the output.

You will need to have the following line in your C++ program:

include <string>
so that you can declare a string variable which will store the dog's name somewhere in your main function, something like this:
string dogname = "";

What is your name? Fido

How old are you? 6

Hello Fido. You are 42 years old in people years.

For an extra challenge, you can add some ANSI escape sequences to use colors in your output statements.


ESC code sequence                  Function
-----------------         ---------------------------
ESC[#;#H or ESC[#;#f      Move cusor to line #, column #
ESC[#A                    Move cursor up # lines
ESC[#B                    Move cursor down # lines
ESC[#C                    Move cursor forward # spaces
ESC[#D                    Move cursor back # spaces
ESC[#;#R                  Report current cursor line & column
ESC[2J                    Clear screen and home cursor
ESC[K                     Clear to end of line EOL
ESC[#;#;....;#m           Set display attributes where # is
                             00 for normal display (or just 0)
                             01 for bold on (or just 1)
                             02 faint (or just 2)
			     03 standout (or just 3)
                             04 underline (or just 4)
                             05 blink on (or just 5)
                             07 reverse video on (or just 7)
                             08 nondisplayed (invisible) (or just 8)
			     22 normal
			     23 no-standout
			     24 no-underline
			     25 no-blink
			     27 no-reverse
                             30 black foreground
                             31 red foreground
                             32 green foreground
                             33 yellow foreground
                             34 blue foreground
                             35 magenta foreground
                             36 cyan foreground
                             37 white foreground
                             39 default foreground
                             40 black background
                             41 red background
                             42 green background
                             43 yellow background
                             44 blue background
                             45 magenta background
                             46 cyan background
                             47 white background
ESC [65;81p               The A key becomes the Q key
ESC [97;113p              The a key becomes q
ESC [81;65p               The Q key becomes A
ESC [113;97p              The q key becomes a

         E.g. Reassign the F10 key to ls command.

         ESC [0;68;"ls";13p       The 0;68 is the extended ASCII code
                                   for the F10 key and 13 is the ASCII
                                   code for a carriage return.

         Other function key codes       F1=59,F2=60,F3=61,F4=62,F5=63


Here is an example C++ program which

  1. clears the screen
  2. prints the word 'Christmas' in bold magenta on a green background
// Program Name: trouble.cpp
// Description: Have fun with someone who runs programs blindly
// Author: Rocket J. Squirrel
// Date: September 11, 1752

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

//make a constant variable for escape
const char ESC = 27;

int main(void) {
  //wreak your havoc
  string message = "Christmas";
  //clear screen
  cout << ESC << "[2J";
  cout << ESC << "[35;1;42m" << message << endl;
  return 0;

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