Welcome to CSU’s SIAM Student Chapter!

The purpose of this organization is to increase students' awareness and knowledge of the interdisciplinary nature of applied mathematics in academia as well as industry by promoting student involvement in workshops and conferences as well as providing students with a view into the wide range of fields in which a mathematician can not only work but also make great contributions.

Our Constitution

For more information, explore our webpage or contact us at siamcsu@gmail.com

Latest News!

» Patrick O'Leary (Kitware, Inc. Santa Fe) is visiting on
Thursday, October 23
» He will give two talks, a research talk (at 3pm) and a talk on life after grad school (at 11 am)

» LaTEX workshop!
Tuesday, November 4, 5-6:30
» beginner workshop, CompSci 225
Tuesday, November 11, 5-6:30
» advanced workshop, CompSci 225

» Movie Night!
Monday, November 17, 6:30
» BHSci 131