Calculus for Biological Scientists I
Math 155      Spring 2015

Colorado State University

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The office hour schedule. Please check back occasionally, as changes may occur.  

Information & Grading Policy

Information on prerequisites, the textbook, assessments (homework, quizzes, exams), and grading is found here, as is the alternate exam time request form.



The calendar gives you an idea of when what topics will be discussed in class (it's a good idea to run ahead and read the text before hand). Due dates for homework, quiz and test days, links to weekly readings, and special events are also on the calendar.



WebWorK homework
due Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:00 pm.

Written homework
due Tuesdays in class

Here you will find the assigned problems as well as suggested practice problems. You might want to work on the practice problems with your colleagues in the Great Hall

Study Resources

The office hour schedule

Review Handout

Here assembled for you is a list of tutoring opportunities and study resources such as past exams. In particular, we want to point out the Great Hall of the TILT building, where office hours and tutoring will be held. Please come study with us!

Welcome! Living organisms grow, reproduce, and move around. They c h a n g e. With Calculus, we will study the nature of this change and quantify it by asking questions such as How fast it it changing ? How much ? and Into what ? Biological examples motivate mathematical concepts, which in turn lead us to ask new questions about biology. Math 155 is a math course, but one that is also a science course.

Office Hours are held in the Great Hall of the TILT Building .
You are welcome to come to the office hours of any instructor.
Here is the schedule.

  Sections and Instructors  

Section 1/301
MTWF 8:00-8:50;
Mark Blumstein

Section 3
MTWF 10:00-10:50;
TILT 221
Bahaudin Hashmi

Section 4
MTWF 11:00-11:50;
Patrick Bjerke

Section 6
MTWF 12:00-12:50;
Wagar 232
Steve Ihde

Section 7
MTWF 1:00-1:50;
Rachel Neville

Section 8
MTWF 3:00-3:50;
Brent Davis

Section 9
MTWF 4:00-4:50;
Casey Pinckney

Course Coordinator

Dr. Patrick Shipman