Math 130 Information

Instructor: Rachel Pries
Class: DRL 4E9, Mon-Thur 4:20-6:30, 1st Summer Session, 1997

Course Description: Math 130 is an introduction to the concepts of calculus and its applications. We will investigate special functions and how they change or acculumate by learning about their derivatives and integrals.

Course Philosophy: The goal for this course is for everyone to learn by being actively involved and by exploring material through several points of view. Everyone who works hard will succeed in grasping the ideas and solving problems. In order to do this in 6 weeks, you must make spend a lot of time practicing problems and preparing for class

Course Grade:
10% Homework
10% Maple
10% Written Project
10% Involvement in Class
60% Quizzes

In order to pass you must pass every quiz and every part of the class.
You can miss no more than 2 days in order to pass.
More information is on the syllabus
Please come see me if you have any questions.
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