Independent study: GRE preparation course
M495V, Section 3, Fall 2006

Professor: Dr. Rachel Pries
e-mail: pries ATSYMBOL math DOT colostate DOT edu
web page:
office: Weber 221

Lecture: MWF 1:10-2:00, Engineering E206.

Tentative syllabus:

Course description: The purpose of this course is to help you excel at the GRE math subject test. We will review many topics from the undergraduate math curriculum, with a focus on multi-variable calculus and linear algebra. Other topics may include differential equations, abstract algebra, topology, and complex variables. Practice problems will form a significant part of the course. We may also discuss the graduate school application process.

Prerequisite: none.

Texts: (1) Cracking the GRE Math Subject Test (3rd edition) The Princeton Review, isbn 0-375-76491-7.
(2) Another practice test

GRE registration information: Please check all this information carefully.
The math GRE subject test can be taken Nov 4 or Dec 2.
The registration deadlines are Sept 29 and Oct 27 (respectively).
The number for the test center at CSU is 7557.
The number for the math test is 0703.
Information and registration.

Grading: The course grades will be computed as follows:
10% Sample test 1, due 8/25;
20% Quiz 1, in class Friday 9/8;
10% Sample test 2, due 9/22;
20% Quiz 2, in class Friday 10/6;
30% Sample test 3, in class 10/16, 10/18, and 10/20;
10% public service (helping with grading) and class participation.

Scheduling: This is a two credit course and so the last day of class is on Friday 10/27. There will be no final examination.
There are no makeups for missed exams, regardless of the reason for absence. Examinations will not be rescheduled because of travel arrangements. It is your responsibility to schedule travel appropriately.

Help: Help is always available if you have trouble with homework or lecture material. If your classmates can't answer your question, come ask me! Office hours are Monday 2-3 and Wednesday 10-11 or by appointment, in Weber 221.