Rachel Pries

Dr. Rachel Pries

Colorado State University

Mailing address: Math Department, Weber 101, Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO 80523-1874

e-mail: firstnamelastname ATSYMBOL gmail DOT com
e-mail: lastname ATSYMBOL math DOT colostate DOT edu (some e-mails to the colostate address vanish without a trace)

Office Location: Math Department 205A Weber
Office Phone: 970-491-2635
General Office Hours: Wed 2-3, Fri 10-11, or by appointment.
Please stop by my office to say hi.

I study arithmetic geometry, which is a hybrid of number theory and algebraic geometry.
Specifically, my research is about moduli spaces of curves and abelian varieties, and Galois theory of curves in positive characteristic.
Here are my publications.

I am an editor of the Springer journal Research in Number Theory.

I am currently on sabbatical.

I help organize FRAGMENT seminar

Mathematical highpoints:
Grammar school: going outside during math class to measure the circumference and diameter of trees and posts.
Cambridge Rindge and Latin Highschool 1990: graphing sin(x+y).
Brown University 1994 (advisers Professors Jeffrey Hoffstein and Joseph Silverman): covering fundamental domains of real quadratic rings with hyperbolas.
Doctorate University of Pennsylvania 2000 (adviser Professor David Harbater): learning Galois theory by the sea in Luminy.
Postdoctorate Columbia University 2003: studying p-torsion of hyperelliptic curves.
This is my 12th year as a faculty member in the math department at Colorado State University.

Personal highpoints:
Sandcastles, treehouses, watercolors, social action theater, bicycle paths near rivers, train and subway rides, sunlight on brick rowhouses, dark chocolate, the NY public library, climbing in the Gunks, hiking in wild basin, going to the zoo with my kids.

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