Tim Penttila

Office 213 Weber

Research interests:
Geometry, algebra and combinatorics and their applications,
including the theory of error-correcting codes and cryptology.

Other academic interests:
Theoretical computer science, mathematical physics, bioinformatics, history of mathematics and history of science.

I am a professor in the Department of Mathematics at CSU.
I moved here from the University of Western Australia in late December, 2006.


Spring 2014
M470-1 Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry Lectures 4-5:15MW
M502-1 Combinatorics II Lectures 2MWF


Liz Lane-Harvard who's working towards a Ph. D. with me on strongly regular graphs and finite geometry.
Ben Cooper who's working towards a Ph. D. with me on abstract hyperovals.
Nathan Lindzey who's working towards a masters with me on algebraic combinatorics.

I am always looking for graduate students.
But I will be on sabbatical for the academic year 2014-2015. Of my former students listed below, Rebecca Gower, Katrina Hicks, Nick Gill and Ranga Muhandiramge completed doctorates in Queensland, Oxford, Cambridge and Western Australia, and Nicholas Hamilton, Ivano Pinneri, Tim Boykett, Blair Williams, Maska Law, John Bamberg, Rebecca Gower and Nick Gill had postdoctoral positions in Gent(Belgium), Rome(Italy), Linz(Austria), London(England), Rome(Italy), Gent(Belgium), Oxford(England) and Bristol(England) respectively. Eric Nelson is a visiting assistant professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Cayla McBee is an assistant professor at Providence College, John Bamberg is an ARC Future Fellow at UWA, and Nick Hamilton leads the research group Modelling, Visualisation and classification of Bio-imaging at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland. (The others have left academia.) Shane Kelly completed a Masters in algebraic geometry in France (and Italy), and also recently completed a doctorate at (University of Paris and) ANU, Canberra. My former students, Nicholas Hamilton and John Bamberg, won the Kirkman medal of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications, as did my research associate, Matthew Brown. In 1996, I won the Hall medal of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications for my research.

Former Students:

Ph. D.
Luke Bayens Thesis : Hyperovals, Laguerre planes and hemisystems - an approach via symmetry (2013)
Eric Nelson Thesis : The group of the Mondello BLT-sets (2012)
Cayla McBee Thesis : Some topics in combinatorial phylogenetics (2010)CSU
John Bamberg (jointly supervised with Cheryl Praeger) Thesis : Innately transitive groups (2003)UWA
Maska Law Thesis : Flocks, generalised quadrangles and translation planes from BLT-sets (2003)UWA
Blair Williams Thesis : Ovoids of hyperbolic and parabolic spaces (1998)UWA
Tim Boykett (jointly supervised with Gunter Pilz, Johannes Kepler Universitaet, Linz, Austria) Thesis : Algebraic aspects of reversible computation (1996)UWA
Ivano Pinneri Thesis : Flocks, generalised quadrangles and hyperovals (1996)UWA
Nicholas Hamilton Thesis : Maximal arcs in finite projective planes and associated structures in projective spaces (1995)UWA

Andrew Hudson Thesis : A class of translation planes (2009)CSU
Eric Nelson Thesis : Two-intersection sets with respect to hyperplanes in projective spaces (2008)CSU
Luke Allen Thesis: A glance at energy development throughout history and current applications of microbial bio-systems towards reforming today's energy
Yehui He Thesis: Linear algebra in quantum mechanics (2013) CSU
Adam Wisseman Thesis : Primitive permutation groups (2010)CSU
Luke Bayens Thesis : Hyperovals and their groups (2006)UWA
Shane Kelly(jointly supervised with Michael Giudici).
Thesis : Tight sets and m-ovoids in polar spaces (2005)UWA
Ranga Muhandiramge (jointly supervised with Jingbo Wang)
Thesis : Spin Adapted Configuration Interaction Study of N-electron Quantum Dots (2003)UWA
Danijela Cvoro Thesis : Poincare's theorem for compact polygons(2000)UWA
Nick Gill Thesis : Galois theory and orthogonal geometry(1998)UWA
Maska Law Thesis : The Klein correspondence (1997) UWA
Kenneth Phillips Thesis : Ovals, conics and Segre's theorem(1997)UWA
Nicholas Hamilton Thesis : Group representation theory and applications to quantum mechanics (1991)UWA
Ivano Pinneri Thesis : Propositional calculus of quantum mechanics (1990)UWA
Katrina Hicks (jointly supervised with Michael Alder) Thesis : Automata (1990)UWA
Rebecca Gower Thesis : Finite Generalized Quadrangles (1989)UWA

Honorary students
Michel Lavrauw, Eindhoven, Netherlands (2001)
Elisabeth Kuijken, Gent, Belgium (2002)
Rocco Trombetti, Napoli, Italy (2002)

Research associates:
Cheryl Praeger Australian Research Council Australian Professorial Fellow (2007-11)
Michael Giudici Australian Research Council Australian Research Fellow (2007-11)
John Bamberg Australian Research Council Australian Postdoctoral Fellow (2004-6)
Matthew Brown Australian Research Council Senior Research Associate (2003-5)
Australian Research Council Research Associate (1998-9)
Keith Martin Australian Research Council Research Associate (1992-6)

  • Publications

    Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP0342520 (with Susan Barwick, Catherine Quinn)
    Characterizing and classifying ovoids, flocks and generalized quadrangles,2003-2005:Au$210,000
    Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP0450695(with John Bamberg)
    Applications of group theory to finite geometry,2004-2006:Au$202,486
    Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP0770915 (with Cheryl Praeger, Michael Giudici, Cai Heng Li)
    Finite permutation groups and flag-transitive incidence structures, 2007-2011: Au$999,354
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