Math 152: Algorithms in Maple (Spring 2018, Fall 2018)
M152 introduces the Maple programming language and algorithmic problem solving. Instruction is given through labs which demonstrate loops, recursion, logic, data types, and symbolic computation applied to several mathematical disciplines. While only Calculus 1 knowledge is assumed, some discussion is directed towards tools for linear algebra, cryptography, and graph theory that are built into Maple. This treatment avoids rigor and is meant only to demonstrate Maple's capabilities and encourage exploration of mathematics outside of class.
Math 151: Algorithms in MATLAB (Spring 2018, Fall 2018)
M151 provides an introduction to the MATLAB language and algorithmic problem solving. The class consists of labs which demonstrate topics such as Newton's method and recursion while building a foundational understanding of programming concepts. Most of the programming problems are geared towards calculus topics, but some time is spent showcasing matrix, image, and data manipulation to encourage further exploration.
Math 161: Calculus 2 (Fall 2017)
M161 extends the concepts introduced in Calculus 1 with particular emphasis on series and integration techniques. The geometric series, Taylor series, series convergence, integration by parts, fraction decomposition, and trigonometric integration are all core topics discussed throughout the course. Some time is spent diverting to other considerations such as applications, polar coordinates, and complex numbers.
Math 160: Calculus 1 (Summer 2017)
M160 introduces foundational concepts for single-variable calculus, including limits, derivatives, optimization, and integrals. Limits are used to give rigorous treatment of derivatives. After derivatives are defined and some rules-of-thumb are established, solving simple optimization problems is demonstrated. Integration is then introduced as the "undoing" of differentiation which serves as the jumping-off point for Calculus 2.
Calculus Center Tutoring (Fall 2016, Spring 2017)
The Calculus Center serves as a welcoming study space for students in calculus courses. It is constantly staffed by graduate students who are happy to help fill in any gaps in understanding. The link goes to the Calculus Center website for more information.