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  • A Frobenius-Schreier-Sims Algorithm to tensor decompose algebras with Ian Holm Kessler, Henry Kvinge


  • Rosenberg--Zelinsky sequences for tensors and non-associative algebras with Peter A. Brooksbank, Joshua Maglione


  • Isomorphism testing of groups of cube-free order with Heiko Dietrich


  • Polynomial-time isomorphism testing of groups of most finite orders with H. Dietrich


  • Isomorphism testing of Graded algebras with P.A. Brooksbank and E.A. O'Brien


  • The threshold for subgroup profiles to agree is log n-2

    arXiv:1612.01444 Slides

  • On linear-size reductions and completeness, with T. Miyazaki.

  • New Lie products for groups and their automorphisms


  • Existence, algorithms, and asymptotics of direct product decompositions, II, Groups - Complexity -Cryptology


  • A fast isomorphism test for groups of genus 2, with P. A. Brooksbank and J. Maglione J. Algebra, 473 (2017) 545-590


  • On automorphisms of groups, rings, and algebras, Comm. Algebra, 45 (2017) no. 4, 1452-1478.


  • The module isomorphism problem reconsidered, with P. A. Brooksbank, J. Algebra 421 (2015) 541-559.

    Offprint Erratum

  • Groups acting on tensor products, with P. A. Brooksbank, J. Pure Appl. Alge. 218 (2014) 405-416


  • More characteristic subgroups, Lie rings, and isomorphism tests for p-groups J. Group Theory 16 6 (2013) 875-897.

    Offprint Erratum

  • Division, adjoints, and dualities of bilinear maps, Communications in Algebra 41 11 (2013) 3989-4008.


  • Optimal Gram-Schmidt type algorithms, Linear Algebra and Its Applications 438 (2013) 4573-4583.


  • Existence, algorithms, and asymptotics of direct product decompositions, I, Groups - Complexity -Cryptology 4 (2012), 33-72


  • Isomorphism in expanding families of indistinguishable groups, with M. L. Lewis, Groups - Complexity - Cryptology 4 (2012) 73-110.


  • Intersecting two classical groups, with P. A. Brooksbank, J. Algebra 353 (2012) 286-297.


  • Computing isometry groups of Hermitian maps, with P. A. Brooksbank, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 364 (2012) 1975-1996.


  • Decomposing p-groups via Jordan algebras, J. Algebra 322 (2009) 2642-2679.


  • Finding central decompositions of p-groups, J. of Group Theory 12 (2009) 813-830.



  • NP-completeness as a method of counting, with Takunari Miyazaki, in preparation.
  • Why random subgroups of p-groups look alike, in preparation.
  • Radical and semisimple treatment of biadditive and bilinear maps, with Uriya First, in preparation.
  • On indecomposable p-groups, in preparation.
  • Parallel algorithms for rings, in preparation.
  • Sylow subgroups in solvable matrix groups, with W. M. Kantor and E. M. Luks, in preparation.


  • Filters

    Written by Joshua Maglione, supervised by me. Software for refining isomorphism to smaller tests.

    on GitHub under GPL.

  • TameGenus

    Co-written with Peter A. Brooksbank and Joshua Maglione. Software for high-speed isomorphism for tame representations.

    on GitHub under GPL.

  • Multilinear Algebra Group

    Co-written with Josh Maglione, with contributions from P.A. Brooksbank for module isomorphism. General purpose software developed for high-dimensional tensors.

    V1.x and higher on GitHub under GPL.
    V1.0 in MAGMA System.

  • Non-associative Algebra Toolkit

    Co-written with Josh Maglione. General purpose software developed for non-associative algebras, composition algebras, and Jordan algebras.

    V1.x and higher on GitHub under GPL.
    V1.0 in MAGMA System.

  • StarAlgbras

    Co-written with Peter A. Brooksbank. General purpose software developed for algebras with involutions, isometry groups, and intersections of isometry groups.

    V1.x and higher on GitHub under GPL.
    V1.0 in MAGMA System.

  • Internet Connection Manager for Intel Web Tablet (tm)

    Intel Architecture Labs (IAL).

    Lead developer for internent connectivity of Intel Web Tablet, a for-runner to tablet computing a decade before Apple's iPad (tm), just saying. Here's a video of one Intel Web Tablet ( Patent granted.

  • Anywhere-in-the-home (tm)

    Intel Architecture Labs (IAL).

    With Chris Genly and others. Software for speach controll of televisions, set-top-boxes, and DVD players. What in your home and ask "When is Zena Warrior Princess on? Jump to the canal chase scene." Ersatz imitations have surfaced as products from Amazon and Xfinity.

  • Khartoum

    Intel Architecture Labs (IAL).

    Software to optimize and convert critical Java bytecode into C/C++. A service layer built on top of the Java Native Interface (JNI). Patent application: cancelled after departure from Intel.

  • Galactic Core

    Intel Architecture Labs (IAL).

    With Chris Genly with collaboration MIT's Spoken Language Systems Group under Victor Zue. Software for a natural language recognition for the Java Speech API and Microsoft Speech engine. This was research software but the results ended up in products that now exist in cars and homes, (1998-99).

  • Timbuktu

    Intel Architecture Labs (IAL).

    Software for remote communications built on Java Serialization (1998).

  • Pony Express

    Intel Architecture Labs (IAL).

    Supervised by Chris Genly. Software for a e-mail on "thin clients", e.g. getting e-mail on a small pocket device with low power and low memory (1997-98).


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  • Inventor James B. Wilson,
  • Original Assignee: Intel Corporation,
  • Priority Date 4 Jan 2001,
  • Publication Date: 12 Jul 2005.
US6917973, US7111067, US20020087698